Reimagining the SQL Curriculum: Change How SQL is Taught

Reimagining the SQL Curriculum: Change How SQL is Taught

Reimagining the SQL Curriculum: Change How SQL is Taught. SQL has transformed itself from a specialized skill to a core requirement for all data-related jobs. What can be done to educate more professionals in this proficiency?

After looking at SQL's impressive 50-year reign and what we could learn from it, let us now focus on how we can learn it.

Not only is SQL everywhere, but it is also in high demand. A quick search of job boards easily reveals not only that virtually all of the S&P 500 companies are hiring for SQL skills, but that the demand for them is even higher than more 'high-tech' languages like R and Python.

Percent of All Data Jobs Listing SQLWith such great demand, it should be obvious that this 'ancient' language is being taught far and wide to everyone starting as early as possible. Surprisingly, this could not be further from the truth.

This article will discuss the wide-ranging benefits of learning SQL, how we can transform the current curriculum and the drastic split from coding that will have to happen.

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