Top 7 Micro Front-end Frameworks That You Should Know - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Top 7 Micro Front-end Frameworks That You Should Know - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the top 7 micro front-end frameworks. What is micro front-end? Which is best micro font-end framework to use for software product.

The idea of micro front-ends is to break down the frontend monolith into smaller, manageable parts. Every team can own its features end-to-end, work in their codebase, independently release versions, continuously deliver small incremental upgrades, and also integrate with other teams through APIs so that they can compose and manage pages and apps together. There are lots of approaches to micro front-ends, from smart build-time integrations of components to run-time integrations using custom routers. Here we have curated some of the best tools to build micro frontends. Before digging into the micro front end frameworks, let us see, what is micro front-end?

What Is Micro Front-end?

Micro front-end means approaching front-end development process of web apps with concept of microservices. Till now, the prevalent practice was to use microservices architecture as a foundation on which feature-rich apps can be built. So, the applications developed were called as frontend monolith. Disadvantage of this approach was that the architecture became a part of the app over time. It is developed separately, so maintenance is a challenge.

Micro front-end solves this issue. It’s approach is based in the concept that a web application is a compilation of independent features which can be developed by various teams and them combined to create a homogenous interface. Micro front-end architecture provides a cross-functional approach where various teams with different specializations develop end-to-end features from database to user interface. The subsequent app is less massive and more friendly.

The app is split according to the business domains across the stack. So developers can avail the same velocity and flexibility as backend teams have while working with Microservices architecture. Let us see top 7 micro frontend frameworks.

Top 7 Micro Front-end Frameworks-

1. Module Federation-

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