How to Fetch Data from an API in JavaScript

How to Fetch Data from an API in JavaScript

Learn about the fetch API with practical examples

The fetch API is a built-in JavaScript ES6 promise that is used to make XMLHttpRequests simpler and easier to GET or POST data asynchronously. It provides an interface for fetching resources from servers with a more powerful and flexible feature set. The fetch API is supported by all modern browsers except IE. The simplicity and the easy cleaner way to fetch data make this API more powerful and popular in the JavaScript community. In this short article, we will learn about how to use the Fetch API in JavaScript to get data from resources.

Using Fetch to GET data from an API

The method fetch() takes one mandatory argument, the path to the resource you want to fetch. It returns a JavaScript promise that resolves to the response to that request, whether it is successful or not. To make things more practical, we will use the Fetch API to get data from the Github users API and display them on the page.

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As you can see above, if we go to the link of the Github User API:

You will discover that it’s an array of objects that contains all information about the first 30 Github users(names- images-followers…). So, Let’s use fetch to get some of those data and display them on the page:

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