AIOps: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

AIOps: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

AIOps Platform - Artificial intelligence application for IT operations. Know AIOps Splunk implementation, use cases best tools and practices.

AIOps is a term coined by the Gartner. It was a new label for the tools that took machine learning capabilities and applied them to IT Operations space. All of us who are living in IT operations day in and day out, we know that we are inundated with data. The same kind of innovation the people are finding that they can achieve by applying ML to other domains can also yield really amazing transformative results by applying ML to data that in the IT operations row and so AIOps is the Gartner’s term for that new category of tools and capabilities.

AIOps (Algorithmic IT Ops) is a platform solution that solvers known IT issues and intelligently automates repetitive tasks. When first came out with AIOps it was known to be as Algorithmic IT Operations. Now as the latest it is known as Artificial Intelligence for IT Ops. You can also learn more about DataOps in this insight.

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