How Can I Double My Salary? Data Analytics is your Answer

How Can I Double My Salary? Data Analytics is your Answer

"Can I double my salary by enrolling in an Analytics course?" My answer is simple. YES! - How? Read this!

Authored by Professor S. Sadagopan. Director – IIIT Bangalore. Prof. Sadagopan is one of the most experienced academicians on the expert panel of UpGrad & IIIT-B PG Diploma Program in Data Analytics.

These days, whenever I visit any campus, I am often asked one question – “Can I double my salary by enrolling in an Analytics course?”

This question is popular in academic institutes and software factories, alike. Mostly, it comes from engineering students (who are still in college) but is also often asked by those who have gained 4-5 years of work experience within the IT industry. I also get a smaller number of such queries from working professionals in other sectors – accountants, lawyers, doctors and design professionals. My answer is simple. YES – provided you meet some requirements. Let me elaborate.

The Computer Age

Analytics is today what computing was in the 60’s and 70’s when many of us entered the job market. The “computer” was a newfound tool that attracted the attention of scientists and engineers across the spectrum

Every day, some new use was found for the machine whose basic capability was adding a long list of numbers incredibly fast, without error, many times; later, an ability to store and retrieve a large set of numbers reliably and accurately, was added; much later, an ability to transmit and receive a large set of numbers extremely fast (at the speed of light), reliably and at affordable cost, got added.

This, in turn, led to diverse applications:

Accurate and fast census, so that census data can be used for economic planning

Precise weather prediction, so that disasters can be better managed

Library automation, so that book procurement and books issue/return can be efficient

Payroll to improve wage settlement accuracy and fast disbursal of payslips

Inventory control to optimize storage/stock-out costs

Scheduling to improve operational costs of air-crafts/trains/buses

Product mix to optimize the production/distribution/storage costs

Media planning to maximize the reach for a given advertisement budget

The ability to creatively use this “newly discovered toy” – the computer – to create unusual value was the newfound opportunity; it was quickly rewarded by unusual job/research opportunities across the board. Analytics, today, is in a similar situation.

Make Way For Data Analytics

  • The maturity of mathematical models that Google/Facebook/Twitter and Amazon/Flipkart use,
  • The opportunity provided by anytime, anywhere connectivity and near-infinite computing power provided by mobile networks and cloud,
  • The near-universal access provided by smart devices (smartphones and tablets)

…all offer unusual possibilities and boundless opportunities.

Coupled with:

  • The identification (who?) and precise location (where?) made possible by device identity and GPS, can be used to target goods & services (what?) with a precision unparalleled in human history.

All this explains the huge wave of interest in Analytics, everywhere.

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