6 Reasons to Use Tailwind Over Traditional CSS

6 reasons to use Tailwind over traditional CSS

  • Tiny bundle size = incredible performance
  • Prototype and build quickly
  • It handles CSS variables automatically
  • Eliminates scope leak
  • SCSS is still there if you need it
  • Works great with JavaScript frameworks

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6 Reasons to Use Tailwind Over Traditional CSS
anita maity

anita maity


Sidebar Menu Using Only HTML and CSS | Side Navigation Bar

how to create a Sidebar Menu using HTML and CSS only. Previously I have shared a Responsive Navigation Menu Bar using HTML & CSS only, now it’s time to create a Side Navigation Menu Bar that slides from the left or right side.


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Fancorico  Hunt

Fancorico Hunt


Design A Landing Page using Tailwind CSS

When I started learning how to use the Tailwind CSS library, I really didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t quite sure how I’d fare with the library. It turns out, TailWind’s a whole lot easier to use than I thought and makes designing a landing page a breeze.

One remarkable feature I noticed was the ease with which I could define classes for various responsive breakpoints without writing a single line of CSS media queries. That for me was awesome!

For this tutorial, I’ll assume you have a Tailwind project set up, if you don’t you can grab one here. For the fonts, I’m using Poppins. All the code presented here should be placed in your body tag.

We’ll start off with creating and styling the main element that would house the hero section:

<main class="h-full flex items-center px-6 lg:px-32 bg-purple-900 text-white">


The Tailwind classes added to the main element does the following:

  1. h-full: Give the main element a height of 100%. Pretty much like what you’d do with a style declaration of height: 100vh in CSS.
  2. flex: Make the main element a flexbox, just like you would with a style declaration like display: flex in CSS.
  3. items-center: Position the contents of the main element in the center of the main element, just like you would with align-items: center in CSS.
  4. px-6 lg:px-32: Assign horizontal padding of 1.5rem to all devices from mobile to medium and horizontal padding of 8rem for devices from large to devices beyond. You can add as many other breakpoints to suit your design needs, this is the wonderful thing about Tailwind.
  5. bg-purple-900: Gives the main element a purple background with an opacity of 90%. This is equivalent to background-color: purple in CSS.
  6. text-white: Gives the main section and its child elements a default white color (#FFFFFF).

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Carmella  Pagac

Carmella Pagac


How to Build a Responsive Timeline Design using Tailwind CSS

Build a completely responsive timeline design with Tailwind CSS. Learn about the useful Tailwind utilities, customizing the framework, responsive design using Tailwind, extracting classes using @apply directive and so much more.

Starter Template GitHub Repository: https://github.com/ThirusOfficial/tailwind-css-starter-postcss

Source Code: https://github.com/ThirusOfficial/reponsive-timeline-tailwind-css

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What is Tailwind CSS useful for?

Let’s talk Tailwind.css. It’s new, it’s customizable, it’s responsive, and a utility-first CSS framework, let’s try it out!

The beauty of Tailwind.css is that to use it is pretty simple. In good old basic CSS, you will declare classes and specifically code the design elements that will come from the class you’ve created(i.e. Font-family, color). In Tailwind, you also use class names, but different from classic CSS, you pull from a pre-created library of class names that you will have access to once you download Tailwind into your app. It’s a matter of understanding what class names you’ll need, and that is going to take a little searching on the Tailwind Docs Website search bar. Nothing like a handy search!

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