1.Tell me a little bit about yourself. 2.What are your interests or hobbies outside of work? 3.How did you get into talent acquisition? 4.How would your previous employer describe you? 5.Why are you interested in this industry? 6.Why do you want...

1.Tell me a little bit about yourself. 2.What are your interests or hobbies outside of work? 3.How did you get into talent acquisition? 4.How would your previous employer describe you? 5.Why are you interested in this industry? 6.Why do you want to work for our company? 7.What skills make you qualified for this role? 8.What are the steps of your talent acquisition process? 9.How do you stay up-to-date with hiring trends? 10.How can you help our company find better candidates? 11.What do you look for in a candidate? 12.What is your greatest accomplishment as a talent acquisition specialist? 13.Have you used any applicant tracking systems? 14.What is your experience with online recruiting? 15.What resources do you use to find qualified candidates? 16.How do you prepare for interviews with candidates? 17.What steps do you take to help with the onboarding process? 18.Tell me about a time you missed out on a great candidate. What could you have done better? 19.What screening processes are you familiar with? 20.How would you decide between two candidates with similar qualifications? 21.How would you improve our employment brand? 22.What would you do if a candidate was late or did not show up for an interview? 23.Describe what you would do to create a useful succession plan. 24.What questions would you ask when conducting a phone interview? 25.Explain what you would do to make an effective onboarding process. 26.What strategies would you use to retain more talent? 27.What strategies would you use to attract more talent? 28.How would you determine if a current employee is a good fit for an opening? 29.How do you build a talent pipeline? 30.What sourcing techniques do you prefer? 31.What is your experience with internet recruiting? 32.What are key elements that affect an employment brand? How important do you think networking is? What are your preferred networking methods? 33.Walk me through the hiring process for the position of HR Executive. 34.What are you looking for while CV screening? How do you ensure a positive candidate experience? 35.How do you prepare for interviews? What are the most important things to consider? 36.What KPIs have you found useful in the past? What have you done to improve them? 37.How do you assess current employees to discover fits to open positions? 38.How do you stay current with hiring trends? 39.Imagine there is a disagreement between hiring managers for a candidate. How do you approach this? 40.You are asked to fill twice as many positions in the next year than in the last. How do you maintain quality in sourcing and recruiting? 41.Name the sourcing techniques you use. 42.According to you how important is networking? Name the networking methods you use. 43.Describe the hiring process you follow. 44.How do you ensure positive candidate experience? 45.How do you handle disagreements between hiring managers about a candidate? 46.If the number of positions you have to hire doubles in the coming year. What would be your approach? 47.Have you ever encountered problems dealing with recruitment agencies? How did you resolve them? 48.Tell us about your experience with onboarding. 49.Describe a time you helped someone do their job better. 50.Tell me about your most successful accomplishment in talent management. 51.Tell me about a time when you made a mistake that cost you a great candidate. 52.What type of challenges do you face when dealing with recruitment agencies? How do you resolve them? 53.Tell me about your experience with onboarding. 54.Have you ever helped someone in improving their work? 55.Tell me about the talent management project that you are most proud of. 56.Have you ever made a mistake that cost you a great candidate? 57.Have you ever encountered challenges with recruitment agencies? What happened? 58.Tell us about your onboarding experience. 59.Describe a time you helped someone ace their job. 60.What’s been your proudest moment in talent management? 61.How do you build an awesome talent pipeline? 62.What are your favorite sourcing techniques? 63.Have you used any ATS systems?  64.What is your internet recruiting experience? 65.What key elements affect an employment brand? 66.How important is networking? What networking methods do you love? 67.How would you approach the hiring process for this role? 68.What are you looking for when you screen resumes?  69.How do you create an unforgettable candidate experience? 70.What are your top KPIs to use?  71.How do you find potential role-fits within our current teams? 72.How do you keep up-to-date with current hiring trends? 73.How would you deal with a disagreement between hiring managers about a candidate choice?

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