Get-git: A primer on Git

Get-git: A primer on Git

Get-git: A primer on Git. Several handy Git commands like, git add , git commit, git push, git fetch, git merge, git pull, git checkout, git reset. Git is an essential part of a software development project. I knew the structure/functionality that dictates Git.

Say it fast enough and it sounds like get it…

Git has relished its stance as the epitome of collaboration for many years. As a developer I interact with Git on a daily basis; committing, pushing to the remote and the occasional hair pulling when things go wrong (explains my hair loss). Recently while musing on “how does Git actually work?”, I realized how little I know about this deeply-rooted way of software development. And goes without saying that so many blunders that kept me guessing for hours sometimes could’ve been avoided if I knew the structure/functionality that dictates Git.

Git is an essential part of a software development project. It offers,

  • Tracking — Git maintains a history which is essentially a snapshot of your code base over time
  • Feature isolation — When you develop features you create your own branch — you don’t break the working/stable version
  • Collaboration — Now any number of developers can work on different features, work on their local copy, push to a single central remote repository when ready
  • Peer reviews — Git lends itself to peer reviews, when developer A has finished feature X, before merging it to master branch, he can ask developer B to review it (in the form of a pull request)

In this article, you’ll learn,

  • Several handy Git commands like, git add , git commitgit pushgit fetchgit mergegit pullgit checkoutgit reset.
  • Various stages your code goes through while running these commands like the working directory, the index, the local repository and the remote repository

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