NativeScript Now a Member of the OpenJS Foundation

NativeScript Now a Member of the OpenJS Foundation

NativeScript recently joined the OpenJS foundation as an incubating project. NativeScript Now a Member of the OpenJS Foundation.

NativeScript recently joined the OpenJS foundation as an incubating project. The framework, which allows developers to write applications leveraging native mobile APIs with JavaScript and TypeScript, will benefit from the OpenJS foundation support in terms of governance and community outreach, and strengthen its long-term viability.

The Progress company transferred in June this year the responsibility of developing and maintaining NativeScript to the nStudio consultancy. Since then, NativeScript released its version 7 with a revamped CLI, increased stack consistency, and better alignment with modern JavaScript standards (ES2017). The new governance model created and defined the high-level guidance role of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and the TSC consensus-seeking decision-making model. The TSC also established the roles and participation model for users, contributors, committers, and reviewers.


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