5 Things to Know Before Starting an AI Project

5 Things to Know Before Starting an AI Project

5 Things to Know Before Starting an AI Project. Before you start an AI project, you need to focus on five key stages. You will get the desired result just by focusing on the right approach.

Suppose you have an opportunity to create a project on AI. Consider these five stages before starting. These five are learning, programming language, knowledge representation, problem solving, and hardware.

1. Learning Process

Learning means adding new knowledge to the knowledge base and improving or refining previous knowledge.

The success of an AI program is based on the extent of knowledge it has and how frequently it acquires knowledge. Learning agents consists of four main components. They are the: 

  1. Learning element — The part of the agent responsible for improving its performance. 
  2. Performance element —The part that chooses the actions to take. 
  3. Critics — They tell the learning element how the agent is doing. 
  4. Problem generator — It suggests actions that could lead to new information experiences. 

2. Programming Language

LISP and Prolog are two of the primary languages used in AI programming.

*LISP (List Processing) — *LISP is an AI programming language developed by John McCarthy in 1950. LISP is a symbolic processing language that represents information in lists and manipulates lists to derive information.

PROLOG (Programming in Logic) — Prolog was developed by Alain Colmeraver and P. Roussel at Marseilles University in France in the early 1970s. Prolog uses the syntax of predicate logic to perform symbolic, logical computations.

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