Guide how to begin with python for data science

Guide how to begin with python for data science

A step by step guide to how to begin with python for data science

The tech-world has nearly 250 programming languages; each having its own functionalities. C++, Java, and Python are among the most popular programming languages used by programmers. Python is considered to be one of the most popular introductory programming languages taught over the world. Over the years, Python has been experiencing an exponential growth, leading to widespread popularity of the language. The language is officially used in giants like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Reddit etc.

With immense technological growth, Data Science is emerging as a significant field for technological development and growth. If data is king, Data Science is the art of ruling. Thus, the growth of Python is directly an attribute of the growth of Data Science. According to Github, “Behind Python’s growth is a speedily-expanding community of Data Science professionals and hobbyists—and the tools and frameworks they use every day…” Thus, it can be said that Python & Data Science make a perfect pair. Python’s easy syntax and readability, active userbase, and extensive libraries make it most popular among Data Scientists. Thus, the beginning point of Data Science is the learning of Python.

If you are an amateur or completely new to learning a programming language, Python is the best place for you to enter the world of programming languages. The easy learning, interesting projects, and professional exposure will have you hooked from the go.

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