AAD Group - Read Member Summary Using C#

AAD Group - Read Member Summary Using C#

In this blog, you will learn how to update Azure Active Directory member using CSharp utility.

Is there a way to read Azure Active directory Group (Service or Microsoft 365) programmatically?

Yes, there are different ways to do it, and one of them is through C-sharp with the help of AAD-App with required permissions. 

Let's see with the following example.


  • Create an AAD App
  • Get the AAD Group Member Reader & User Read All permission through Microsoft Graph (application permission)
  • Create a client secret (we'll use this to access your AAD Group information in the context of AAD App)
  • Create a CSharp project (detail mentioned below)

Create an AAD App with AAD GroupMember read & user read all permission

Step 1

Create an aad app: Login to azure portal

=> Azure Active Directory

=> App registration

=> Create a new app

Step 2

Once AAD App is created (e.g.: AADGroupReader)

Open it.

Go to its API Permissions.


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