An Extremely Fast Key/value Storage Library for React Native

An Extremely Fast Key/value Storage Library for React Native

MMKV is an efficient, small mobile key-value storage framework developed by WeChat.


MMKV is an efficient, small mobile key-value storage framework developed by WeChat.

See Tencent/MMKV for more information

react-native-mmkv is a library that allows you to use MMKV inside your React Native applications.


  • Get and set strings, booleans and numbers

  • Fully synchronous calls, no async/await, no Promises, no Bridge.

  • High performance because everything is written in C++ (even the JS functions have C++ bodies!)

  • ~30x faster than AsyncStorage

  • Uses JSI instead of the "old" Bridge

    Fun fact: since all the JS functions have C++ implementations, you can also directly call them in reanimated worklets


AsyncStorage vs MMKV: Reading a value from Storage 1000 times. Measured in milliseconds on an iPhone 8, lower is better.


npm install react-native-mmkv
cd ios && pod install



import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';

MMKV.set('Marc', '')
MMKV.set(20, 'user.age')
MMKV.set(true, 'is-mmkv-fast-asf')


import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';

const username = MMKV.getString('') // 'Marc'
const age = MMKV.getNumber('user.age') // 20
const isMmkvFastAsf = MMKV.getBoolean('is-mmkv-fast-asf') // true


import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';


Get all keys

import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';

const keys = MMKV.getAllKeys() // ['', 'user.age', 'is-mmkv-fast-asf']


import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';

const user = {
  username: 'Marc',
  age: 20

MMKV.set(JSON.stringify(user), 'user')

const jsonUser = MMKV.getString('user') // { 'username': 'Marc', 'age': 20 }
const userObject = JSON.parse(jsonUser)


If you want to use MMKV with redux-persist, create the following storage object:

import { MMKV } from "react-native-mmkv";
import { Storage } from "redux-persist";

type StorageType = typeof MMKV & {
   * Redux Persist plugin for react-native-mmkv
  redux: Storage;

// Unfortunately redux-persist expects Promises, so we have to wrap our sync calls with Promise resolvers/rejecters
const storage: StorageType = {
  redux: {
    setItem: (key: string, value: string): Promise<boolean> => {
      MMKV.set(value, key);
      return Promise.resolve(true);
    getItem: (key: string): Promise<string> =>
    removeItem: (key: string): Promise<void> => {
      return Promise.resolve();

export default storage;


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.

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Author: mrousavy

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