Understanding Functional Programming in JavaScript

Understanding Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional Programming in JavaScript teaches you techniques to improve your web applications: their extensibility, modularity, reusability, and testability, ...

What is Functional Programming?

Functional Programming is an approach to software development based around the evaluation of functions. It breaks a program into small, and testable parts. You can combine basic functions in many ways to build more and more complex programs. Functional Programming also makes it easier to debug your program and maintain it.

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Functional Programming Principles

Functional programming follows a few core principles, One of those principles is that functions are independent of the program’s state or global variables. They depend on the arguments passed into them. Another principle In functional programming is that functions have minimal side effects in the program. In addition to that, they try to limit any changes to the state of the program and avoid changes to the global objects holding data.

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Understand Using Imperative Code

In the languages that a human speaks, The imperative tense is used to give commands. Similarly, an imperative style in programming is the one that gives the computer a set of statements to perform a task. functional programming is a form of declarative programming. You tell the computer what you want to be done by calling a method or a function. JavaScript Offers many methods that do all that stuff, for example, a filter method that takes in a function where you told the method what you want to filter from an array or a map method that returns a new array.

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Functional Programming in JavaScript Explained

Functional programming has become a really hot topic in the JavaScript world. You'll learn: what functional programming is, the types of functions there are, the principles of functional programming, and have a deeper understanding of Higher Order functions.

What is Functional Programming?

Most of what I will discuss in this article is knowledge accumulated from reading, “Functional Programming in JavaScript”, by Luis Atencio. In simple terms, functional programming is a software development style that places a major emphasis on the use of functions.

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Let’s talk about the raw way of writing functions. Functions perform certain set of actions according to our requirements which could include fetching data, updating State, changing a set of mutable values and updating the DOM and so on.

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