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Entrepreneurs can rule the audio chatting market via Clubhouse Clone

There is no doubt that Clubhouse was the most popular app of the year in 2020. The audio chat app was available on an invitation basis only on iOS. However, recently, Clubhouse made a big move in the market by launching the Beta version of its Android app in the USA. There are more Android users than iOS users and this smart decision will help the audio conversational app to gain more market share and traffic.

What Are The Big Plans Of Clubhouse With Its New Android App?

It plans to attract more users – from its rivals like Discord, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter to continue its strong growth in 2021.

The Android app of Clubhouse – developed by Alpha Exploration Co. has already received more than 50,000 downloads from Google Play Store just one day after its official launch.

The Android app will be initially available – only in the US and will further be launched in the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries.
Since only the Beta version of the Android app is available now, Clubhouse will add more attractive features like easy creation of clubs and integrate payment gateways for content creators.

Clubhouse’s iOS app got more than 900,000 downloads – in April 2021 and the tech company will be aiming at a bigger target with its Android version.

Clubhouse will also include new features – in its Android app such as Change the Profile name or User Name, Follow a Topic, Link social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, and Translation of Content.

The Step-By-Step Process That Users Must Follow To Install The Android Version Of Clubhouse

The users can download the Android Application Package (APK) from websites like APK Mirror and APK Pure. Allow the browser of your device to install the APK which may be from unknown sources. The Android version of Clubhouse will be successfully installed on the user’s smartphone. They can change the settings on their device by denying permission to download apps from unknown sources.

Tap the Clubhouse icon on your smartphone, get an invite from an existing user, and register on the Android app by verifying your phone number. The users can also register in advance on the Android app of Clubhouse and wait for a family member or a friend to share an invitation with them.

Once the registration is completed, the users can start chatting via audio to the whole world, create clubs and rooms easily, and follow different topics according to their likes and preferences.

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Entrepreneurs can rule the audio chatting market via Clubhouse Clone

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Clubhouse Clone, Clubhouse Clone App, Invite-only Audio Based Social Media App

Social media can never go out of trend, we do agree with that. But have you met the successful affiliate of social media? Guessing what? The audio-based social media app, Clubhouse Clone, of course. Many entrepreneurs have already started their journey to develop one for their business. Why do you still want to wait? Contact our Appdupe now!

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Clubhouse Clone : Disrupt the social media world by launching an app like Clubhouse

Clubhouse recently crossed 2 million Android users within just a few days after its launch last month. Users are utilizing the popular audio based social media app both for aggressive discussions and passive listening. Clubhouse Rooms are filled with voice chats about business, entertainment, fashion, politics, sports, stand-up comedy, technology, and much more.

How is Clubhouse planning to grow in the market?

It will enhance its search and filter option in the future. This helps users to discover their favourite content creators and hosts quickly. Clubhouse will have a general release in the upcoming months. Hence, everyone can use it without having an invitation.

The online platform will also roll out its new features like the history of speakers whom the user has listened to, sharing of bell-themed notifications when there is a start of a new discussion or an event, showing a list of people who tipped a content creator, suggested people to follow, tagging of profiles in the bio, and topic suggestions.

This will enable Clubhouse to take on giants like Discord, Facebook Hotline, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Spotify, Telegram, and Twitter Spaces.
Entrepreneurs aiming to become the king of the social media industry can build an awesome app like Clubhouse by getting AppDupe’s services. We have a talented team of marketing specialists and mobile app developers. We create smoothly operating Android and iOS apps for content creators, hosts, moderators, podcasters, and users.

We also provide a modern web panel to share new updates and an advanced admin dashboard to control the day-to-day business activities.

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Offer glitch-free audio chats for users with an attractive app like Clubhouse

Captivate the social media world by hiring AppDupe for creative Clubhouse clone app development. Users can establish or join any number of Clubs and Rooms on the online platform. Content creators and hosts will also receive payments for their work. Moderators take care of all the discussions on the audio chat app. Become the number one audio-based chatting platform in the world by curating an astonishing app like Clubhouse.

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CSS Flexbox Tutorial | Build a Chat Application

Creating the conversation sidebar and main chat section

In this article we are going to focus on building a basic sidebar, and the main chat window inside our chat shell. See below.

Chat shell with a fixed width sidebar and expanded chat window

This is the second article in this series. You can check out the previous article for setting up the shell OR you can just check out the chat-shell branch from the following repository.


Open up the chat.html file. You should have the following HTML.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>Chat App</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="css/chat.css" />
    <div id="chat-container">

Now inside of the chat-container div add the following HTML.

<div id="side-bar">
<div id="chat-window">

Now let’s also add the following CSS under the #chat-container selector in the chat.css file.

#side-bar {
    background: #0048AA;
    border-radius: 10px 0 0 10px;
#chat-window {
    background: #999;
    border-radius: 0 10px 10px 0;

Now reload the page. You should see the following:-

So what happened? Where is our sidebar and where is our chat window? I expected to see a blue side bar and a grey chat window, but it’s no where to be found. Well it’s all good. This is because we have no content inside of either element, so it can be 0 pixels wide.

Sizing Flex Items

So now that we know that our items are 0 pixels wide, let’s attempt to size them. We’ll attempt to try this first using explicit widths.

Add the following width property to the #side-bar rule, then reload the page.

width: 275px;

Hmm. Same result. It’s still a blank shell. Oh wait I have to make sure the height is 100% too. So we better do that too. Once again add the following property to the #side-bar rule, then reload the page.

height: 100%;

So now we have our sidebar that has grown to be exactly 275 pixels wide, and is 100% high. So that’s it. We’re done right? Wrong. Let me ask you a question. How big is the chat window? Let’s test that by adding some text to it. Try this yourself just add some text. You should see something similar to this.

So as you can see the chat window is only as big as the text that’s inside of it, and it is not next to the side bar. And this makes sense because up until now the chat shell is not a flex container, and just a regular block level element.

So let’s make our chat shell a flex container. Set the following display property for the #chat-window selector. Then reload the page.

display: flex;

So as you can see by the above illustration, we can see it’s now next to the side bar, and not below it. But as you can see currently it’s only as wide as the text that’s inside of it.

But we want it to take up the remaining space of the chat shell. Well we know how to do this, as we did it in the previous article. Set the flex-grow property to 1 on the #chat-window selector. Basically copy and paste the property below and reload the page.

flex-grow: 1;

So now we have the chat window taking up the remaining space of the chat shell. Next, let’s remove the background property, and also remove all text inside the chat-window div if any still exists. You should now see the result below.

But are we done? Technically yes, but before we move on, let’s improve things a little bit.

Understanding the default alignment

If you remember, before we had defined our chat shell to be a flex container, we had to make sure we set the height of the side bar to be 100%. Otherwise it was 0 pixels high, and as a result nothing was displayed. With that said, try removing the height property from the #side-bar selector and see what happens when you reload the page. Yes that’s right, it still works. The height of the sidebar is still 100% high.

So what happened here? Why do we no longer have to worry about setting the height to 100%? Well this is one of the cool things Flexbox gives you for free. By default every flex item will stretch vertically to fill in the entire height of the flex container. We can in fact change this behaviour, and we will see how this is done in a future article.

Setting the size of the side bar properly

So another feature of Flexbox is being able to set the size of a flex item by using the flex-basis property. The flex-basis property allows you to specify an initial size of a flex item, before any growing or shrinking takes place. We’ll understand more about this in an upcoming article.

For now I just want you to understand one important thing. And that is using width to specify the size of the sidebar is not a good idea. Let’s see why.

Say that potentially, if the screen is mobile we want the side bar to now appear across the top of the chat shell, acting like a top bar instead. We can do this by changing the direction flex items can flex inside a flex container. For example, add the following CSS to the #chat-container selector. Then reload the page.

flex-direction: column;

So as you can see we are back to a blank shell. So firstly let’s understand what we actually did here. By setting the flex-direction property to column, we changed the direction of how the flex items flex. By default flex items will flex from left to right. However when we set flex-direction to column, it changes this behaviour forcing flex items to flex from top to bottom instead. On top of this, when the direction of flex changes, the sizing and alignment of flex items changes as well.

When flexing from left to right, we get a height of 100% for free as already mentioned, and then we made sure the side bar was set to be 275 pixels wide, by setting the width property.

However now that we a flexing from top to bottom, the width of the flex item by default would be 100% wide, and you would need to specify the height instead. So try this. Add the following property to the #side-bar selector to set the height of the side bar. Then reload the page.

height: 275px;

Now we are seeing the side bar again, as we gave it a fixed height too. But we still have that fixed width. That’s not what we wanted. We want the side bar (ie our new top bar) here to now be 100% wide. Comment out the width for a moment and reload the page again.

So now we were able to move our side bar so it appears on top instead, acting like a top bar. Which as previously mentioned might be suited for mobile device widths. But to do this we had to swap the value of width to be the value of height. Wouldn’t it be great if this size was preserved regardless of which direction our items are flexing.

Try this, remove all widths and height properties from the #side-bar selector and write the following instead. Then reload the page.

flex-basis: 275px;

As you can see we get the same result. Now remove the flex-direction property from the #chat-container selector. Then once again reload the page.

Once again we are back to our final output. But now we also have the flexibility to easily change the side bar to be a top bar if we need to, by just changing the direction items can flow. Regardless of the direction of flex, the size of our side bar / top bar is preserved.


Ok so once again we didn’t build much, but we did cover a lot of concepts about Flexbox around sizing. 

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Xiaomi relaunches MiTalk as a Clubhouse clone for Android and iOS in China

If you are an entrepreneur who had been reading articles and trending news every day, you must have unquestionably come across the famous audio-based social media app, the Clubhouse. Though the app was launched in March 2020 and is only an MVP in the App Store, the buzz that it has been raking has never seen a dip so far.

It has become the most trendsetting app in the economy, and experts say that it will continue its journey to be a trendsetter in the upcoming years as well. The app’s next successful stride in people’s and entrepreneurs’ minds doesn’t stop. It is continuously paving the way to something revolutionary in the social media market. Read on to know what it is.

Milestones Of The Clubhouse

Clubhouse, as a social audio-only app, has been the latest affiliate to the social media market, as it lets people gather on the platform to chat and chat only about various topics. The app has been called the center of affinity as it mixes part talkback radio, conference call, and part Houseparty.

  • In the beginning, celebrities Jared Leto, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, etc., made the presentation in the app, thereby making it steal the spotlight.
  • Followed by their entry, the app had hundreds and thousands of new users. But that’s not it, because, by January 2021, the world’s richest man Elon Musk and Facebook’s Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, after getting curious about it, made a surprising visit to the app’s rooms.
  • Impressed by the booming business of Clubhouse, the tycoons like Twitter are testing Spaces in the beta version, and Facebook is working on developing a separate audio chat app after getting inspired by the enchanting features of the app.
  • More surprisingly, Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi, had dived into developing a Clubhouse Clone. You have a doubt about what’s surprising about it. And coming right away are the sections that will justify the reason behind the surprise. So stay glued!

Read Our Blog, https://www.appdupe.com/blog/mitalk-clubhouse-clone-for-china/

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