Concrete Contractor, Concrete Repair & Installation

Concrete Contractor, Concrete Repair & Installation

As a professional Concrete Contractor in Antigonish NS, we offer many residential and commercial concrete services. We specialize in foundations, driveways, basement floors and concrete slabs.

Finding the right contractor for Antigonish concrete services may seem like a hardship at times. There are multiple companies offering similar concrete services, and they may all seem the same on paper. You may decide that the company with the cheapest rate will get your business because you don't know how to determine the best from the rest.

The problem with that logic is that not all Antigonish concrete finishing companies are the same. When you know the right questions to ask, you will discover that they have some big differences in the following areas:

Insurance & Licenses – Not all contractors are licensed and insured. Some charge cheaper rates because they don't have these added business expenses, but that puts your property at risk. Mistakes on a concrete job are often costly, and you won't have a licensing board to report the incident to or an insurance policy to help cover the cost of repairing the damage.

Specialization & Expertise – It's common for concrete contractors to broadcast how many years of experience they have, but how much experience do they have with the exact type of contract work you need completed? Are all members of the concrete team experienced, or is it just one person with all the experience? If it's just one person, how much time will that one person spend on your jobsite? Asking for references or pictures of past jobs that were similar to your project will help you answer these questions.

Availability & Manpower – This is a big one that many property managers and owners don't think about until it's too late. Some concrete services are well-organized operations with experienced manpower to handle all of their projects in a timely manner. Others may rely more on subcontractors or even temp workers when their manpower is exhausted due to heavy caseloads. You need to know that the concrete workers coming to your property are experienced, safe, and committed to treating your property with the care it deserves.

At Antigonish Concrete Pros, we welcome you to ask questions about all of these areas plus anything else that crosses your mind. We take the time to provide thorough answers regarding our licenses, insurance policies, specializations, and past projects.

We're also proud of our talented, well-trained team of concrete professionals. We will never send anyone to your property who hasn't been thoroughly vetted. Our concrete experts have significant pride in their work, and as a company, we stand behind that work fully.

Our open communication and talented team are just two of the reasons that Antigonish residents have trusted us for so many years. We also offer a more extensive range of concrete services than many of our competitors. While we’re not always the cheapest, we are the most honest, precise, and talented. Allow us to show you what we can do, and you many never call another concrete contractor again.

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