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Klein PHP: A Fast and Flexible Router


klein.php is a fast & flexible router for PHP 5.3+

Getting started

  1. PHP 5.3.x is required
  2. Install Klein using Composer (recommended) or manually
  3. Setup URL rewriting so that all requests are handled by index.php
  4. (Optional) Throw in some APC for good measure

Composer Installation

  1. Get Composer
  2. Require Klein with php composer.phar require klein/klein
  3. Add the following to your application's main PHP file: require 'vendor/autoload.php';


Hello World - Obligatory hello world example

<?phprequire_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';$klein = new \Klein\Klein();$klein->respond('GET', '/hello-world', function () {    return 'Hello World!';});$klein->dispatch();

Example 1 - Respond to all requests

$klein->respond(function () {    return 'All the things';});

Example 2 - Named parameters

$klein->respond('/[:name]', function ($request) {    return 'Hello ' . $request->name;});

Example 3 - So RESTful

$klein->respond('GET', '/posts', $callback);$klein->respond('POST', '/posts', $callback);$klein->respond('PUT', '/posts/[i:id]', $callback);$klein->respond('DELETE', '/posts/[i:id]', $callback);$klein->respond('OPTIONS', null, $callback);// To match multiple request methods:$klein->respond(array('POST','GET'), $route, $callback);// Or you might want to handle the requests in the same place$klein->respond('/posts/[create|edit:action]?/[i:id]?', function ($request, $response) {    switch ($request->action) {        //    }});

Example 4 - Sending objects / files

$klein->respond(function ($request, $response, $service) {    $service->xml = function ($object) {        // Custom xml output function    }    $service->csv = function ($object) {        // Custom csv output function    }});$klein->respond('/report.[xml|csv|json:format]?', function ($request, $response, $service) {    // Get the format or fallback to JSON as the default    $send = $request->param('format', 'json');    $response->$send($report);});$klein->respond('/report/latest', function ($request, $response, $service) {    $response->file('/tmp/');});

Example 5 - All together

$klein->respond(function ($request, $response, $service, $app) use ($klein) {    // Handle exceptions => flash the message and redirect to the referrer    $klein->onError(function ($klein, $err_msg) {        $klein->service()->flash($err_msg);        $klein->service()->back();    });    // The fourth parameter can be used to share scope and global objects    $app->db = new PDO(...);    // $app also can store lazy services, e.g. if you don't want to    // instantiate a database connection on every response    $app->register('db', function() {        return new PDO(...);    });});$klein->respond('POST', '/users/[i:id]/edit', function ($request, $response, $service, $app) {    // Quickly validate input parameters    $service->validateParam('username', 'Please enter a valid username')->isLen(5, 64)->isChars('a-zA-Z0-9-');    $service->validateParam('password')->notNull();    $app->db->query(...); // etc.    // Add view properties and helper methods    $service->title = 'foo';    $service->escape = function ($str) {        return htmlentities($str); // Assign view helpers    };    $service->render('myview.phtml');});// myview.phtml:<title><?php echo $this->escape($this->title) ?></title>

Route namespaces

$klein->with('/users', function () use ($klein) {    $klein->respond('GET', '/?', function ($request, $response) {        // Show all users    });    $klein->respond('GET', '/[:id]', function ($request, $response) {        // Show a single user    });});foreach(array('projects', 'posts') as $controller) {    // Include all routes defined in a file under a given namespace    $klein->with("/$controller", "controllers/$controller.php");}

Included files are run in the scope of Klein ($klein) so all Klein methods/properties can be accessed with $this

Example file for: "controllers/projects.php"

// Routes to "/projects/?"$this->respond('GET', '/?', function ($request, $response) {    // Show all projects});

Lazy services

Services can be stored lazily, meaning that they are only instantiated on first use.

<?php$klein->respond(function ($request, $response, $service, $app) {    $app->register('lazyDb', function() {        $db = new stdClass();        $db->name = 'foo';        return $db;    });});//Later$klein->respond('GET', '/posts', function ($request, $response, $service, $app) {    // $db is initialised on first request    // all subsequent calls will use the same instance    return $app->lazyDb->name;});


To add a custom validator use addValidator($method, $callback)

$service->addValidator('hex', function ($str) {    return preg_match('/^[0-9a-f]++$/i', $str);});

You can validate parameters using is<$method>() or not<$method>(), e.g.


Or you can validate any string using the same flow..


Validation methods are chainable, and a custom exception message can be specified for if/when validation fails

$service->validateParam('key', 'The key was invalid')->isHex()->isLen(32);


[ match_type : param_name ]

Some examples

*                    // Match all request URIs
[i]                  // Match an integer
[i:id]               // Match an integer as 'id'
[a:action]           // Match alphanumeric characters as 'action'
[h:key]              // Match hexadecimal characters as 'key'
[:action]            // Match anything up to the next / or end of the URI as 'action'
[create|edit:action] // Match either 'create' or 'edit' as 'action'
[*]                  // Catch all (lazy)
[*:trailing]         // Catch all as 'trailing' (lazy)
[**:trailing]        // Catch all (possessive - will match the rest of the URI)
.[:format]?          // Match an optional parameter 'format' - a / or . before the block is also optional

Some more complicated examples

/posts/[*:title][i:id]     // Matches "/posts/this-is-a-title-123"
/output.[xml|json:format]? // Matches "/output", "output.xml", "output.json"
/[:controller]?/[:action]? // Matches the typical /controller/action format

Note - all routes that match the request URI are called - this allows you to incorporate complex conditional logic such as user authentication or view layouts. e.g. as a basic example, the following code will wrap other routes with a header and footer

$klein->respond('*', function ($request, $response, $service) { $service->render('header.phtml'); });//other routes$klein->respond('*', function ($request, $response, $service) { $service->render('footer.phtml'); });

Routes automatically match the entire request URI. If you need to match only a part of the request URI or use a custom regular expression, use the @ operator. If you need to negate a route, use the ! operator

// Match all requests that end with '.json' or '.csv'$klein->respond('@\.(json|csv)$', ...// Match all requests that _don't_ start with /admin$klein->respond('!@^/admin/', ...


You can send properties or helpers to the view by assigning them to the $service object, or by using the second arg of $service->render()

$service->escape = function ($str) {    return htmlentities($str);};$service->render('myview.phtml', array('title' => 'My View'));// Or just: $service->title = 'My View';


<title><?php echo $this->escape($this->title) ?></title>

Views are compiled and run in the scope of $service so all service methods can be accessed with $this

$this->render('partial.html')           // Render partials$this->sharedData()->get('myvar')       // Access stored service variablesecho $this->query(array('page' => 2))   // Modify the current query string


Below is a list of the public methods in the common classes you will most likely use. For a more formal source of class/method documentation, please see the PHPdoc generated documentation.

$request->    id($hash = true)                    // Get a unique ID for the request    paramsGet()                         // Return the GET parameter collection    paramsPost()                        // Return the POST parameter collection    paramsNamed()                       // Return the named parameter collection    cookies()                           // Return the cookies collection    server()                            // Return the server collection    headers()                           // Return the headers collection    files()                             // Return the files collection    body()                              // Get the request body    params()                            // Return all parameters    params($mask = null)                // Return all parameters that match the mask array - extract() friendly    param($key, $default = null)        // Get a request parameter (get, post, named)    isSecure()                          // Was the request sent via HTTPS?    ip()                                // Get the request IP    userAgent()                         // Get the request user agent    uri()                               // Get the request URI    pathname()                          // Get the request pathname    method()                            // Get the request method    method($method)                     // Check if the request method is $method, i.e. method('post') => true    query($key, $value = null)          // Get, add to, or modify the current query string    <param>                             // Get / Set (if assigned a value) a request parameter$response->    protocolVersion($protocol_version = null)       // Get the protocol version, or set it to the passed value    body($body = null)                              // Get the response body's content, or set it to the passed value    status()                                        // Get the response's status object    headers()                                       // Return the headers collection    cookies()                                       // Return the cookies collection    code($code = null)                              // Return the HTTP response code, or set it to the passed value    prepend($content)                               // Prepend a string to the response body    append($content)                                // Append a string to the response body    isLocked()                                      // Check if the response is locked    requireUnlocked()                               // Require that a response is unlocked    lock()                                          // Lock the response from further modification    unlock()                                        // Unlock the response    sendHeaders($override = false)                  // Send the HTTP response headers    sendCookies($override = false)                  // Send the HTTP response cookies    sendBody()                                      // Send the response body's content    send()                                          // Send the response and lock it    isSent()                                        // Check if the response has been sent    chunk($str = null)                              // Enable response chunking (see the wiki)    header($key, $value = null)                     // Set a response header    cookie($key, $value = null, $expiry = null)     // Set a cookie    cookie($key, null)                              // Remove a cookie    noCache()                                       // Tell the browser not to cache the response    redirect($url, $code = 302)                     // Redirect to the specified URL    dump($obj)                                      // Dump an object    file($path, $filename = null)                   // Send a file    json($object, $jsonp_prefix = null)             // Send an object as JSON or JSONP by providing padding prefix$service->    sharedData()                                    // Return the shared data collection    startSession()                                  // Start a session and return its ID    flash($msg, $type = 'info', $params = array()   // Set a flash message    flashes($type = null)                           // Retrieve and clears all flashes of $type    markdown($str, $args, ...)                      // Return a string formatted with markdown    escape($str)                                    // Escape a string    refresh()                                       // Redirect to the current URL    back()                                          // Redirect to the referer    query($key, $value = null)                      // Modify the current query string    query($arr)    layout($layout)                                 // Set the view layout    yieldView()                                     // Call inside the layout to render the view content    render($view, $data = array())                  // Render a view or partial (in the scope of $response)    partial($view, $data = array())                 // Render a partial without a layout (in the scope of $response)    addValidator($method, $callback)                // Add a custom validator method    validate($string, $err = null)                  // Validate a string (with a custom error message)    validateParam($param, $err = null)                  // Validate a param    <callback>($arg1, ...)                          // Call a user-defined helper    <property>                                      // Get a user-defined property$app->    <callback>($arg1, ...)                          //Call a user-defined helper$validator->    notNull()                           // The string must not be null    isLen($length)                      // The string must be the exact length    isLen($min, $max)                   // The string must be between $min and $max length (inclusive)    isInt()                             // Check for a valid integer    isFloat()                           // Check for a valid float/decimal    isEmail()                           // Check for a valid email    isUrl()                             // Check for a valid URL    isIp()                              // Check for a valid IP    isAlpha()                           // Check for a-z (case insensitive)    isAlnum()                           // Check for alphanumeric characters    contains($needle)                   // Check if the string contains $needle    isChars($chars)                     // Validate against a character list    isRegex($pattern, $modifiers = '')  // Validate against a regular expression    notRegex($pattern, $modifiers ='')    is<Validator>()                     // Validate against a custom validator    not<Validator>()                    // The validator can't match    <Validator>()                       // Alias for is<Validator>()

Unit Testing

Unit tests are a crucial part of developing a routing engine such as Klein. Added features or bug-fixes can have adverse effects that are hard to find without a lot of testing, hence the importance of unit testing.

This project uses PHPUnit as its unit testing framework.

The tests all live in /tests and each test extends an abstract class AbstractKleinTest

To test the project, simply run php composer.phar install --dev to download a common version of PHPUnit with composer and run the tests from the main directory with ./vendor/bin/phpunit


See the contributing guide for more info

More information

See the wiki for more information



(MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2010 Chris O'Hara

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Author: klein
Source Code:
License: MIT License

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Klein PHP: A Fast and Flexible Router

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