How to Build Your Author Email List

How to Build Your Author Email List

In today's article, we will introduce the following 6 simple steps to creating your email list. Email lists are a way for you to talk to you readers whenever you want or need. It’s like having a backup of all your fans in one place.

Everyone will tell you as a writer, you need an email list. Above everything else for your marketing, this is the one thing you really do need to have, why?

Imagine you worked for a year on your first book. You got a beautiful cover; a fantastic editor and the book is so brilliant you’re sure it’s going to be a bestseller. But then, social media closes for good — all platforms, or maybe they all block you on the same day. How are you going to tell people you have a new book out?

What about if Amazon decided they didn’t like you and removed all your books (it has happened to authors), how would you tell readers where to find you?

What if Medium closed and you had all these new blog posts you’d written and were taking them to another platform, who would you let your readers know where to find you?

I know these things probably won’t happen, but the point I am making is that you don’t have control over the other services. You do have control over your email list, and as writers in an online world, we have numerous ways to reach readers and fans, but there is no guarantee they’ll all be there tomorrow. Email lists are a way for you to talk to you readers whenever you want or need. It’s like having a backup of all your fans in one place.

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