But What is Container Orchestration?

But What is Container Orchestration?

Container Orchestration — Your Ticket to Distributed Computing. In this blog, I assume you already know how Docker works for single container apps, and you have a solid understanding of Django

Container Orchestration — Your Ticket to Distributed Computing

Like any great orchestra, great software architectures often rely upon having multiple pieces coming together in harmony. Just as the conductor’s baton guides the musicians in an orchestra, a system that leverages distributed computing will have each of its pieces share expectations for how they will communicate, and share the work of running our application.

Container orchestration simply refers to how you coordinate the different pieces of your application — in the context of this blog, the Docker containers — to work together in harmony as one distributed system. When done right, it can deliver amazing performances for end users.

When I first started learning about container orchestration, it was harder than trying to find tickets for the Harry Potter Concert Series during the COVID-19 lockdown in Boston— but never fear! It’s easier than it sounds, I promise.

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