DecentFi - Trusted Decentralized Investment Platform

DecentFi - Trusted Decentralized Investment Platform

DeFi is an ethereum based trusted decentralized investment platform that allows users to capitalize on the booming decentralized finance market.

Nice to meet you all in another blog! It is something interesting which you didn't know before. Yup! Today we are going to discuss how to invest in deFi? Why are people so excited to invest in it?

First, we will move to the general concept of DeFi.

What is DeFi? Why It Makes A Big Revolution Nowadays

The birth of Decentralized Finance is to solve the problem that traditional finance can't tackle. And the DeFi system exchanges the centralized to peer-to-peer finance with blockchain technology.

What the big people say about DeFi is that when DeFi is located in the blockchain and crypto domains, the combination of new technology is making a large impact in the financial world.

Simply, Decentralized Finance opens up the financial system for everyone to use on a public decentralized blockchain network to spend their values anytime, anywhere. And removing the old traditional structure like a middleman interruptions [Eg: Banks or brokerages]

Why Are DeFi Investors Interested In Decentralized Finance?

The term DeFi refers to the digitized decentralized finance that can permit crypto exchanging, investments, and other services. It provides the same services which are in traditional finance but in an innovative way.

Why has it become such a popular means? DeFi runs on the Ethereum platform that typically removes third parties like banks, brokers, and finance companies.

The DeFi removes

Traditional legal bureaucracy Slow transaction speeds Human mistakes Outdated management systems

The reason for DeFi investors interested in DeFi is

It works on smart contracts. So it increases performance and scalability. And improve the transparency of financial services. Diminish people's charges and purchase costs. Arrival Bitcoin and ETH renew popular fiat coins.

How To Invest In DeFi?

According to invest in DeFi, we have to focus on three main things.

1) Trading & Collecting DeFi Tokens 2) Yield Farming 3) Earning Interest Via Liquidity Protocols

Trading & Collecting Defi Tokens

A smart way to invest in this industry is buying DeFi tokens for both long and short-term holds. According to the market move, we can buy at low cost and sell at high values. Using Uniswap, people can buy or spend these tokens.

Yield Farming

Do you know about yield farming? It is a successful way to get passive income through DeFi. It includes various crypto tokens to give network liquidity in exchange for an incentive. Yield farming is to move between procedures with the best times to receive high income in a liquidity pool.

Earning Interest Via Liquidity Protocols

Another way to earn passive income is liquidity protocols. AAVE, Swap, Uni are the lending protocols that give buy and invest which interact with each other.

Over To The Conclusion

Obviously, DeFi performs a big change in financial technology. The use of DeFi increases various businesses and applications, the bright future increases for DApps. Most people expected it to make a big impact on our life.

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