YesPornPlease Restricts Access as PayPal

Following a massive lawsuit filed by adult entertainment giant MG Premium, video site YesPornPlease temporarily shut itself down. It is now operating behind what appears to be geo-based blocking mechanism that promotes the use of a VPN. Meanwhile, MG Premium wants permission from the court to force several US-based service providers including Cloudflare and PayPal to reveal what they know about the site’s operators.

In September 2019, MG Premium went to court in the United States requesting a DMCA subpoena against Cloudflare.

Alleging mass infringement, the adult giant wanted the CDN company to hand over the personal details of the people behind ‘tube’ site YesPornPlease and partner platform

With 100 million visitors in January 2020 alone, YesPornPlease is a huge player in the space. It reportedly carries huge volumes of MG Premium content, including videos published under the Reality Kings, Brazzers, MOFOS,, and Twistys brands.

Progress on the earlier subpoena is unknown but in February, MG Premium filed a full-blown lawsuit in a Washington court potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the wake of that legal action both YesPornPlease and VShare went offline. At the time it appeared that the sites may not return but the situation was temporary. Now, however, visitors to the platform are being greeted by a strange ‘welcome’ page.

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YesPornPlease Restricts Access as PayPal

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Dominate the payment apps business segment with PayPal clone app

The Online Payment gateways have a separate market segment with highly competitive participants. This segment is now becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses. Entering into this business segment is now all easy. The game-changers in the market are going to be the key factors in determining the sustainability of the participants in the market. They are called clone applications. These applications are similar to the regular application which offers the same functionality as those.
PayPal clone script would be the wise choice in case you are thinking to enter into this business segment. It is further customizable as per the requirements and needs of the business. There is a wide range of customization options offered by app development companies. This PayPal clone app comes with loaded features and some extra add-on features which are as follows,
Account Set-up
Multi-factor authentication
Send Payments
Link bank accounts/cards
In-app wallet integration
Quick purchase
Request payments
Split bills
Share payment receipts
Invoice generation
Qr scanner/reader
Sync contacts
Pop-up notifications
End-to-end encryption
And many more exciting features. This clone application would be the apt choice for entering into the highly competitive payment portals market segment. With this PayPal clone app, you can compete with the players in the market fiercely and dominate the market. So what are you waiting for? There are many app development companies that offer these clone app development services, reach out to one such to get you clone app development service and become the dominating player in the segment.

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Paypal Clone, Paypal Clone Script, Launch P2P Payment App like Paypal

PayPal is the first and famous entrant in the market of P2P and is the leader and pioneer in the space. There are many businesses today that are using PayPal as their payment service provider. The key reason that sets the app apart from the counterparts is the distinct features of the app.

The number of users using digital payments in many forms for making transactions are reaching sky high. Therefore, there is no better time than PayPal like app development than right now.

Why should you create a PayPal Clone app?
According to recent studies, 3 out of 4 millennials are accessing one or more online payments on a regular basis. Well, it is not surprising that people have started loving to send money in just a couple of swipes and clicks.

The growth of the market is expected to reach $336 billion by the year 2021. That’s why investments have been freely flowing for developing these apps. It is estimated that around 50% of the P2P payment users will make at least a single transaction a month by the year 2022.

Revenue model:
A monetization strategy must be in place for the app’s success. You can choose any of the two models developing your app.

Premium service model:
You can allow your customers to use basic features like transferring money, accessing transaction history, and the free version of the application. The high-end features such as text messaging, currency rates, and conversion facilities can be accessed on the paid version.

Marketing model:
You can allow some financial institutions like banks or credit card companies to advertise their products.

**Conclusion: **
Due to the unprecedented advancements in technology like NFC, these apps have become popular among people across the globe. It proves to us that there is an ample requirement for the development of PayPal like apps. To start developing the app right now with the sturdy PayPal Clone scripts!

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Paypal Clone, Paypal Clone Script, Launch P2P Payment App like Paypal

Are you looking for ways to elevate your business in the economy, there’s no better solution than starting to develop an E-wallet app. But don’t fret thinking that you need to turn a code star! Because with Appdupe’s PayPal app clone, you don’t need to go through the strenuous task and launch the app readily.

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Establish your fintech business with this Paypal clone script

From not trusting online payments to never having to reach behind to get our wallets, fintech innovations have come a long way. The entrepreneurs of this industry have taken enormous strides in making mobile wallet payments the way they are today. Applications like Paypal have made it easy for users to make payments online, whether it’s to pay bills, recharge or send money to another person. Paypal suffered initial blows due to its lack of features and bad service. It took them years to become the successful fintech giant they are today.

However, their failures are our lessons, and the genius minds of Appdupe have perfected the solution for** PayPal like app development**. The Paypal clone script comes packed with a ton of features designed to progress in ushering the next generation of wallet payments. Check out these features of the Paypal clone script from Appdupe and see for yourself how your users will enjoy these amazing features.

Two-factor authentication
Users can add layers of security with this feature. There are several options such as fingerprint, face ID, google authenticator, etc., to prevent unintended entries into your account.

Share payment receipts
Payments transactions are generated in detail, and the receipts can be shared across different platforms. The transaction receipts are also accessible by the user in the app.

End-to-end encryption
The most dependable security standard is having data be encrypted before transmission and decrypted at the end of the reception. Protect your users’ classified data with this feature on your side.

Split bills
Users can split the bill among their friends instantly with this new feature. One person pays, and the others pay them using a link generated from the person paying the bill.

There’s more than enough exclusive features designed to get you on top of the game on Appdupe’s Paypal clone app.

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The World Needs Web Accessibility Now More Than Ever

A background with a top view of a laptop keyboard and text that reads, the web has become less accessible.

I attended a talk last year by Mike Gifford where he said, “the web has actually become LESS accessible since 2011.”

It’s cheap and easy for anyone to create a website these days, and hardly anyone considers accessibility. And why would you? If it’s not in your daily purview, it’s not going into your list of website requirements. Heck, most people don’t even think of the end user, Disabled or not, when creating a website. Especially not when they use a “drag and drop” style website creation platform. Nothing against those, just that those platforms often don’t have accessibility built in, and it’s very difficult to make them so, even if you had the desire.

The other aspect working against website accessibility is when you say the word, ‘accessibility’ not every even has a concept of what that means. I asked a website designer recently if he makes accessible websites, and he said, “yes…we add alt-tags to all our images.” Ummmm, OK. Great. But can a screen reader read your website?

So let’s dispel some myths and dive a bit into the world of what it means to implement web accessibility.

First off, it’s important to note that the USA actually has very clear legislation regarding accessibility. It’s called the Americans With Disabilities Act, and it includes websites. US-based companies should be aware that not having a minimally accessible business website can leave you open to a law suit and fines. I’m Canadian with a Canadian registered company, so I do not actually have to worry about getting sued for not having an accessible website, but bonus, I have one anyway! I’ll explain why it’s beneficial to have an accessible website even if you are not a US-based company.

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