Serverless Image Processing with AWS Lambda and S3

Serverless Image Processing with AWS Lambda and S3

Serverless Image processing with AWS Lambda and S3. Creating image thumbnails with Lambda service whenever an image is uploaded on Amazon S3. The image to the API Gateway (the open source image processing software). A Step by Step tutorial of using AWS Lambda.

A Step by Step Tutorial of using AWS Lambda.

My last article summarized what is AWS Lambda and how we can benefit from it to build highly complex serverless systems. We looked at what the Lambda service comprises off and what good features it offers. You can check out my introductory article on AWS Lambda  here . If you’re new to cloud and AWS you can check out my beginner's article on that:

For this article, I have chosen an interesting use case — creating image thumbnails with lambda service whenever an image is uploaded on S3. This would be a step-by-step tutorial for beginners to get started on using the Lambda service.

Getting Started with AWS Lambda

The Lambda service being a serverless compute service can be used for a variety of use cases. The on-demand nature of the service, its pricing model, and the scalability being offered are very lucrative features that make it a good choice for a backend service. We only have to upload our code and publish our lambda functions and they are readily available for use. The lambda service seamlessly integrated with the S3 service allowing us to create event processors like the one we are doing here, creating image thumbnails on image upload in s3.

Let’s head to the AWS Management Console from where we can access and manage all the available AWS services.

  • Log in to your account which will take you to the management console which should look like this:

Aws Management Console

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