Command Line Arguments in Python | Python Web Development

Command Line Arguments in Python | Python Web Development

Python command-line arguments - everything you should know. Get to know sys.argv & getopt module that helps you parse command-line options and arguments.

Python command-line arguments provide a user-friendly interface to your normal text-based command-line program, same as other graphical user interfaces for applications.

Command-line Argument Uses

Till now we are using the raw input or input method to take input from the command line but this works only while the program/script is running. But what we are going to discuss is how we are going to run any python program/script from the command line which accepts input with it.

Most Used Module:

  • sys.argv
  • getopt module


It provides functions and variables that are used to manipulate the parts of the Python runtime environment. This module gives access to the variables which are used or maintained by the interpreter and function which interact with the interpreter. Some sample examples are:

  1. List of command-line arguments (sys.argv).
  2. Number of Command line arguments (len(sys.argv)).
  3. Provides name of current script (sys.argv[0]).


Note: Write the below code in a python file as sys argv work only in script file

import sys

n = len(sys.argv)

print("Total arguments passed:", n)

print("\nName of Python script:", sys.argv[0])

print("\nArguments passed:", end = " ")

for i in range(1, n):

    print(sys.argv[i], end = " ")

Using argparse module :

Sum = 0

for i in range(1, n):

    Sum += int(sys.argv[i])

print("\n\nResult:", Sum)

Command to be executed in terminal:

 $ python3 1 3 6 8 9

python web development program/script

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