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Alexis Gilbert


An eLearning Platform Using Ruby On Rails- A case study

E-learning platforms ae growing as the paradigms of traditional education is been shifting since the covid situation has come up.

Our Ruby on Rails Developer team had this clie nt who was looking forward to build a robust e-learning platform which can be efficient in many ways like the performance wise and by user experience as well.

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When the process is so wonderful often you forget what was your destination. We have curated this entire journey compiling every challenges we have faced and other factors like,

  • Setting up the core functionality
  • Coming up with pragmatic solutions to the errors
  • Work allotment through time frame distance

This Ruby on Rails Case study talks about the entire process of developing an eLearning platform from the scratch and to the utmost satisfaction of the client!

This case study can be your elaborated and in-depth answer to the question of How to Build an eLearning Platform. Do check it out!

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An eLearning Platform Using Ruby On Rails- A case study

Ruby on Rails Development Services | Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a development tool that offers Web & Mobile App Developers a structure for all the codes they write resulting in time-saving with all the common repetitive tasks during the development stage.

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Why Use Ruby on Rails for eCommerce Marketplace: Proven Case Study

Ruby on Rails powers over 2 million websites. They are both static and dynamic. The framework ensures scalability, reliability, and simplicity. Ruby on Rails app development is highly popular for building an online ecommerce marketplace. The features and RubyGems make the framework perfect for online shopping websites.

The demand for developing an online marketplace platform is booming. The e-commerce sales in 2020 were around $4 billion. The pandemic drives more interest in online e-commerce marketplace than ever before. While Amazon is the industry leader, niche online marketplace ecommerce companies are emerging to serve their audiences.

This article will focus on understanding the business case of Ruby on Rails development for B2C and B2B online ecommerce marketplace. We will highlight – 

  • Why Rails is perfect for Ecommerce
  • Best ecommerce platforms in Rails
  • Proven case study of Gasido

eCommerce Store Development Tips – Ecommerce Store Design And Development Tips To Grow Your Online Shopping Business.

If you are thinking of a marketplace website, the following information will convince you of the effectiveness of Ruby on Rails. Let’s have a look at it.

Why Rails is Perfect for Ecommerce

You need a simple and quick ecommerce website. Now, you can either get it from Shopify or any other platform. However, customization could be an easy problem. Any ecommerce website development company would suggest you to opt for a framework.

Testing and validating your online marketplace platform is crucial before launch. Ruby on Rails is perfect for rapid prototyping of ecommerce websites. You can identify issues in payment gateway authorization, shipping & vendor integration, and much more. 

The Fifth Collection is one best online marketplace ecommerce in Ruby on Rails. Another one is Gasido, developed by BoTree Technologies. We will have a look at the upcoming sections. But let’s first understand why companies trust Ruby on Rails for their online marketplace ecommerce store

  • Affordable stores
    • Ruby on Rails is a cost-effective platform for online marketplace ecommerce companies. If you don’t wish to invest heavily, Rails is your friend. The open-source platform is free to download and build.
    • Ruby on Rails developers are easily available. Within a decent price, your ecommerce store can be up & running in no time. Since the framework is swift, fewer expenses are involved in hiring a software development company.
  • Faster development
    • If you want to sell products before your competition, Ruby on Rails is perfect. The framework reduces the development time by 25% to 40%. It involves writing fewer lines of code for achieving more. This makes the framework highly productive.
    • Rapid prototyping occurs in combination with agile project management. Regular iterations enable you to adjust your online marketplace in India as per the customer’s requirements. You can achieve efficiency and make improvements as you go.
  • Feature-rich apps
    • Ruby on Rails web development services offer feature-rich ecommerce stores. The RubyGems are one of the most desired plugins in the programmer community. They reduce the development time and save developers from writing the code from scratch.
    • There’s a RubyGem for almost everything. Ruby on Rails programmers integrate these plugins to add more features to your global or local online marketplace. You can use RubyGems for payment gateway authorization, login credentials, cart checkout, and much more.

But how does Ruby on Rails achieve all of this? With the best platform for building online marketplace platforms – Spree Commerce.

Checkout Why Ruby on Rails is Perfect for eCommerce Web Development

Best E-commerce Platform in Rails

There are multiple ecommerce platforms for building a store. Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento are three popular ones. However, nothing compares to Spree Commerce for integrating online sales channels into your business. 

Spree is perfect for building scalable ecommerce marketplace websites. It is an open-source framework that works in Rails. It offers multiple third-party integrations and plugins. Spree supports features like omnichannel marketing, international sales, payments, analytics, and much more.

Spree Commerce is a stable platform for developing an online ecommerce marketplace. It also offers personalization features like product recommendations, push notifications. wishlists and more to improve customer engagement. 

On the other hand, Shopify is also written in Ruby on Rails. It is a subscription-based model for building an online e-commerce marketplace. The platform offers integrations for all the features. You can build your store from pre-defined templates, but they offer limited customization.

With our expertise in Spree and Ruby on Rails, we develop apps in multiple industries. One of our case studies – Gasido, showcases a perfect example of Rails is perfectly utilized for ecommerce stores.

Ruby on Rails: A Proven Case Study of Gasido

Gasido – Online Marketplace for Industrial Gas

Gasido is an online marketplace for the distribution of industrial gases in Germany. It connects buyers and suppliers over the internet. The marketplace facilitates easy management of exchange, ensuring that b2b buyers have the right gases at the right time.

As a b2b online ecommerce marketplace, Gasido is an enterprise-grade portal. Founded in Munich by Dr. Cornelia Klaubert and Thomas Obkircher, the aim is to simplify buying and selling industrial gases. 

The process starts when gas providers list their offers on Gasido. After that, the platform creates offers, markets them, and makes them searchable on the internet. When an industrial company searches for gas supplies, they can review offers on Gasido.

The process became simple, as the b2b buyer didn’t have to search a lot for finding the right supplier. The suppliers receive the order over Gasido and fulfill it by taking care of the shipping and payments.

We developed Gasido to ensure that buyers and suppliers can connect easily. While this was a challenge, we had a team of 30+ Ruby on Rails web developers ready to build the platform.


The product development phase didn’t come without challenges. Since it was a b2b online ecommerce marketplace, there were high enterprise-grade complexities involved. These were – 

  • Complex product optioning and categorization
  • Integration of geographical search intent
  • Complex tax & pricing calculation
  • Process of reordering & refilling
  • Internationalization (german)

How did we tackle all these challenges and problems? We provided Spree Commerce development services for building one of the most useful industrial ecommerce solutions. 


Our solution was a 360-degree approach to building the platform. The online marketplace ecommerce store was built from scratch. While we had the flexibility, we needed to be focused while building the platform. 

Our technologies were primarily Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce, PostgreSQL, Jquery, Amazon AWS, and Refinery CMS. These technologies were perfect for the client’s requirements. More so, because we already built a hundred apps with the combination of them – and it works perfectly well.

  • We built the solution entirely in Spree Commerce, enabling the delivery of a connected marketplace.
  • We integrated narrow search options and product filters. Customers could easily locate various product options based on their characteristics like weight and quality. We also inculcated faceted and free text search.
  • We also added internationalization support in German, enabling customers and vendors to fulfill the orders with local language support. 

Core Features

Gasido is not just another web application – it is an excellent Ruby on Rails case study for ecommerce solution development. The app has multiple features, made possible only through Rails and Spree Commerce. Some of its core features are: 

  • Better cart customization
  • Simple checkout process
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Customized checkout
  • Supplier management
  • Inventory management
  • Quick reordering
  • Internationalization support
  • Warning signs display

As an online marketplace ecommerce store, Gasido has all the features of the perfect portal. It facilitates proper transaction and order management. The web application is highly dynamic and simplifies a common problem that industrial and commercial companies frequently face.

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We understood Ruby on Rails capabilities in building an online ecommerce marketplace. Gasido is a perfect example of integrating various technologies in Rails and Spree Commerce to achieve a b2b online ecommerce marketplace. We also looked at the challenges that Ruby on Rails could solve while building a marketplace website.

At BoTree Technologies, we build rapid ecommerce marketplace solutions at an affordable price. Consult for free with our technical experts and get a quote for your ecommerce store now!


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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Why should we use Ruby on Rails for Software Development?

What is Rails, Ruby on Rails?

Rails is a server-side web application development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Its emergence in 2005 has influenced and impacted web application development to a vast range, including but not limited to seamless database tables, migrations, and scaffolding of views. In the simplest understanding, Rails is a highly productive and intuitive software developer. 

Websites and applications of any complexity can be achieved with Ruby on Rails. The software is designed to perceive the needs of ruby on rails developers and encourage them with the best way out. It is designed to allow developers to write lesser code while spiking productivity much more than any other framework or language. Ruby on Rails rapid application development offers everyday web development tasks easier and uniquely out-of-the-box, both with the same effectiveness.

The Ruby on Rails framework is based on two philosophies:


  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY): It is a software development principle that ensures that every piece or entity of knowledge must be assigned with a single and unambiguous representation within a development system.

    It not only reduces the need to write lengthy codes but also eliminates the repetitive writing of codes. As a result, it provides a much more manageable web app development with the least possible bugs.


  • Convention over Configuration (CoC): It indicates the highly opinionated feature that the Ruby on Rails framework possesses. It offers ready-made solutions or the “best way out” for many tasks in a web application and defaults them to the convention without the need for external specification. The programmer using the software is required to specify only the unconventional aspects of the web application. 

Some of the commonly known websites built by the Ruby on Rails software developers are Instacart, Scribd, Shopify, Github, ConvertKit, Soundcloud, GoodReads, Airbnb. It finds its application in Sa-as Solutions, Social Networking Platforms, Dating websites, Stock Exchange Platforms, etc.  

Read more: Why Ruby on Rails is Perfect for eCommerce Web Development

Why use Ruby on Rails: The multifold benefits

  • Community and its abundant resources 

    • There is a large community that is dedicated to Ruby on Rails that keeps it up-to-date and indeed encourages its family of developers to continue using it. They make sure the benefits are soaring with every update they make. 

    • The community is committed to developing several ready-to-use code packages, commonly known as gems, for its users. They discuss and announce new project launches, help each other with queries, and engage in framework discussions and betterment. While Ruby on Rails helps developers in rapid application development, it also connects and grows businesses together.

  • Project Scalability

    • To talk about scalability, we indicate the ability to grow and manage more and more user requests per minute (RPM). However, this depends on the architecture rather than the framework. The right architecture of Ruby on Rails web application development allows it to write bulky codes and programs as compared to early-stage difficulties with scalability. 

    • It uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. This will enable Rails to create efficient web applications based on Rails 6, launched last year in 2020, which addresses most scalability issues. The portable components are agile and help in a better understanding of new requirements and needful adaptations for any business. The framework and architecture allow both vertical and horizontal scalability.

  • Fast Application Development and Cost Effectiveness

    • Ruby on Rails is lucid, logical, and has lean code requirements, thereby cutting down redundancy and improving the overall development speed. Lesser amount of code is proportional to lesser time investment with optimal results. The more time it takes for development, the more expensive it becomes for the end customers.

    • Considering the ready-made code modules/packages (gems) available, Ruby on Rails development company will less time and money are spent creating and modifying Rails websites and applications. Another advantage that has made Ruby on Rails super attractive for startups is its use of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It has a component separation scheme that speeds up the web development process and fixes any errors that occur.  

  • Data Protection

    • Rails framework and the Ruby on Rails community put in a lot of efforts for data protection and security of its customer base. It is also one of the efficient frameworks for developing database-backed applications. 

    • The developers at Ruby on Rails cover many aspects of cybersecurity, including encryptions of  passwords, credit card information, and users’ personal database. Special measures are taken to prevent the framework from SQL injections and XSS attacks. 

  • Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development

    • Ruby on Rails simplifies the daily operations and lowers the cost of enterprise app developments. The prominent features include data management, seamless updating of applications, easy and efficient code development, and high scalability, as discussed above. 

    • Ruby on Rails enterprise application development is preferred by companies and is slightly cost-intensive. It can be easily integrated with third-party apps like Oracle Business, Oracle, Windows services, and others. Ruby enterprise app development allows the developers and programmers to solve the problems at the root level, given its transparency.

Ruby on Rails V/S Django

Checkout Blog on Django vs Ruby on Rails Comparison

Bottom Line

There are several reasons to prefer Ruby on Rails discussed above and extend further to early detection of errors, reduced time to market, and easy adaptation for API developments. It makes web programming much easier and simplifies website building of any complexity. Its flexibility and acceptance among new developers and programmers make it the perfect, one-stop choice for software application development company in 2021. 


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How You Can Reduce Ruby on Rails Maintenance Cost?

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