Everything About XMLHttpRequest in JavaScript

Everything About XMLHttpRequest in JavaScript

XMLHttpRequest is an in-built JavaScript object that is used to transfer data between a server and a client without refreshing the whole page.

What Is XMLHttpRequest (XHR)?

  • XMLHttpRequest is an in-built JavaScript object that is used to transfer data between a server and a client without refreshing the whole page.
  • Bu using XHR we can update the page based on the user action.
  • For example, an infinite news feed. (Once the user scrolls down to the end of the page, we make a request to fetch the next article and append the data to the page).
  • Using XHR, we can make both synchronous and asynchronous requests.

Steps to Make a Request Using XMLHttpRequest

  • Create an XMLHttpRequest object.
  • Configure the object with request details .
  • Send request.

1. Create a XMLHttpRequest object

let request = new XMLHttpRequest();

2. Configure the object with request details

To configure the request, we can use the open method of XMLHttpRequest object.

request.open(method, URL, [async, user, password])
  • method — "GET" or "POST"
  • URL— URL string to request. Can also be a URL object.

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