Tetris in Blazor WebAssembly

Tetris in Blazor WebAssembly

Tetris in Blazor WebAssembly - We're going to build WebAssembly Tetris, a true video game, using Blazor WebAssembly, C#, and ASP.NET. Part 1 of 6. Check it out!

I'll be honest: I didn't think much of the portable Tetris game when my kids's friend brought it to our house. I happened to walk by him as my children formed a tiny crowd, listening to the tinny music and watching their friend try to clear the board, row by multicolored row.

But that song! That song got stuck in my head for days. I found myself humming it while walking the neighborhood and doing the dishes. It's just so, dang, catchy!

Over the next few weeks, while I was humming away, it struck me that Tetris is a relatively simple game. Four-part blocks slowly fall, the player rotates and moves them, and tries to make complete rows which then disappear. My wife loves Tetris, and I've played quite a bit over the years. It's a fun, timeless game.

You can probably guess where this is going.

I spent the next three weeks working on a Blazor WebAssembly version of Tetris for my BlazorGames.net project, and I'm happy to say that I think it's pretty neat! It's not quite perfect, but it's playable and pretty darn fun, and that's good enough for me.

So come along as I show how we can make the first true video game we've ever made in Blazor WebAssembly! Let's build Tetris in Blazor!

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