Learn How to Code Any AWS CloudFormation - Step By Step Coding

How do I code any AWS CloudFormation? In this video, I will do step by step coding for CloudFormation template. You can code any CloudFormation following this.

Template in the video: https://github.com/saha-rajdeep/cloudformation-demo/blob/master/code_any_cloudformation_v1.json


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Learn How to Code Any AWS CloudFormation - Step By Step Coding

Learning to Code: How to Boost Up the Process?

Let’s face it: people are impatient by nature and most likely want things to happen faster in their lives. I would apply the same to code learners. Students, when starting to learn programming, first wonder how to speed up the training and make a career as a programmer as soon as possible.

I am not the one who convinces everyone that learning to program is a lightning-fast journey — the other thing is that it is not as difficult as people think. All boils down to interest, passion, regular practice, and patience, of course. I also often recommend different online and offline resources to my students to make their learning process easier, more effective, and faster. And in this post, I will share a few tips with you.

So, How to Learn Programming Languages Faster?

These tips are not magic pills and probably won’t make you a professional developer in a week, but they will definitely make your life easier, while the learning process won’t be that intimidating, vague, and boring. Besides, following all of them together may speed up training.

So, without any further delay, let’s get to them.

Consolidate Your Knowledge by Practicing More

No matter how simple a new subject is, it still requires you to consolidate your knowledge. Starting to play with code soon after you’ve completed the next section helps you learn the given concepts faster and feel confident when writing your first line of code. Fortunately, the web is full of platforms, where you can start practicing shortly.

Let’s consider them in detail.

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Samanta  Moore

Samanta Moore


12 Common Java Mistakes Made by Newcomers

Everyone makes mistakes, not just beginners, but even professionals. This article goes over a dozen common mistakes that Java newbies and newcomers make and how to avoid them. Have you or your colleagues made any of these common Java mistakes early in your career?

Everyone makes mistakes, not only learners or beginners but professionals. As a programming course, the CodeGym team often collects mistakes of newbies to improve our auto validator. This time we decided to interview experienced programmers about mistakes in Java they made closer to their careers start or noticed them among their young colleagues.

We collected their answers and compiled this list of dozen popular mistakes Java beginners make. The order of errors is random and does not carry any special meaning.

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Orchestrating ETL pipelines on AWS with Glue, StepFunctions and Cloudformation

Big Data analytics is becoming increasingly important to draft major business choices in corporations of all sizes. However collecting, aggregating, joining, and analyzing (wrangling) huge amounts of data stored in different locations with a heterogeneous structure (e.g. databases, CRMs, unstructured text, etc.) is often a daunting and very time-consuming task.

Cloud computing often comes to the rescue, by providing cheap and scalable storage computing and data lake solutions, and in particular, AWS is the pack leader with the very versatile Glue and S3 services which allow users to ingest transform, and normalize store datasets of all sizes. Furthermore, Glue Catalog and Athena allow users to easily run Presto-based SQL queries on the normalized data in S3 data lakes, whose results can easily be stored and analyzed in business intelligence tools such as QuickSight.

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Matteo  Renner

Matteo Renner


The Most Important Programming Lesson I Ever Learned

In the fall of 2012, I walked into my graduate advisor’s office and asked her which computer science class she recommended for me to enroll in. I explained that I was a complete novice in programming. She suggested Introduction to C Programming.

After attending a few lectures, I discover that the majority of the students I spoke to in this introductorycourse had some prior experience in programming.

Six weeks and 80 hours of work later, I dropped the course.

Enter spring semester of 2013. I enrolled in an easier computer science course, Introduction to Computer Programming via the Web. I breezed through the first quarter of the course, executing HTML and CSS with ease. Then, we started Javascript (JS). That feeling of constant anxiety and stress from my previous computer science course returned in full fashion. It was too late in the semester to drop the course, so I asked a friend for help.

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Sofia  Maggio

Sofia Maggio


Amazon Announces AWS BugBust, A Global Competition To Fix 1 Mn Software Bugs

Amazon Web Services has announced the AWS BugBust Challenge, the world’s first global competition for developers to remove one million software bugs. Developers can join the challenge by creating an AWS BugBust event for their organisation in the Amazon CodeGuru console—and compete for prizes by fixing bugs in their applications. The top ranks in the AWS BugBust leaderboard stand to win achievement badges, exclusive prizes, and a chance for an expense-paid trip to attend AWS re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas.

AWS BugBust is the first global bug-busting challenge for developers to collectively eliminate 1 million software bugs and $100 million in technical debt for their organisation.

“Hundreds of thousands of AWS customers are building and deploying new features to applications each day at high velocity and managing complex code at high volumes. It’s difficult to get time from skilled developers to quickly perform effective code reviews since their busy building, innovating, and pushing out deployments,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, VP, Amazon Machine Learning, AWS.

“Today, we are excited to announce an entirely new approach to help developers improve code quality, eliminate bugs, and boost application performance while saving millions of dollars in application resource costs. With the AWS BugBust Challenge, developers can use Amazon CodeGuru to spend less time finding common coding mistakes and more time having fun and competing to improve their applications and save their companies a lot of money,” he added.

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that uses machine learning to identify bugs and find the most expensive lines of code in applications. Amazon CodeGuru helps developers automate code reviews and application profiling with its two components, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer (which uses machine learning to flag common issues in code and provide specific recommendations on remediation) and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler (which uses machine learning to identify the most expensive lines of code in applications).

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