6 Productivity Practices for Developers at Any Level

6 Productivity Practices for Developers at Any Level

As a developer, can you expect to reach a high level of productivity and maintain it throughout all ... Why is the glorification of “no sleep” an extremely problematic part of the developer culture? ... Bad code and coding practice.

Humans are complex creatures with a wide variety of motivations for getting work done. Our motivation as developers is not purely extrinsic or financial — sometimes it’s for the joy of delivering code.

You might be a _shipper, _someone who enjoys shipping code quickly for the sense of achievement and being able to spend time with your family. This is the developer who calls Yagni to deliver something of value.

However, your colleague working from home two towns away might be a _planner, _someone who values the intrinsic reward of creating the right abstractions and nailing that design.

The two of you might have a different how, but you both want the same outcome — productivity. Several of my former managers might disagree, but I believe that most people want to be productive regardless of motivation. So, whether you are a shipper or a planner, here are six techniques that can help you maximize your productivity and speed up your delivery.

1. Use the Right Language for the Job

Five hammers hanging on the wall

The author has more hammers now. Source: Author

I once had a roommate who used my pliers as a hammer. He was able to successfully hang his pictures, but my pliers were damaged. A tack hammer would have done a faster job. Similarly, using the right coding language for your team’s application can make a huge difference in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

For example, Python has roots in scientific computing and is excellent for data science. Developers who value stability and consistent ways of approaching problems will love Python. In contrast, Ruby is excellent for expressive code for websites, and the Ruby community tolerates a plurality of approaches to the same problem.

PHP is an excellent option for fast server-side applications and can be deployed just about anywhere. There are legions of PHP developers available to work on your project, and the language and ecosystem have come a long way. Node.js allows web developers to use the same language on the server-side as the client-side at the cost of some complexity. If you’re looking for a highly interactive client-side experience, you might choose to optimize for Node.js.

Regardless, try not to let the latest fashions influence your language choice. Use the language and approach that works best for your unique project. A decade ago, we started rendering pages on the server-side with some JavaScript decoration. Around the middle of the decade, we then started rendering on the client-side with REST or GraphQL APIs for data. At the beginning of 2020, we have a backlash toward simpler applications that render the server-side with some TypeScript decoration.

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