How To Create Observables in Angular 9 with Example

How To Create Observables in Angular 9 with Example

Angular uses observables extensively in the event system and with the HTTP service. The Observable is not an Angular specific feature.

Angular uses observables extensively in an event system and with the HTTP service. The Observable is not an Angular specific feature, but a new standard for managing async data. We can use Observables without Angular or with Angular.

We can even create Observables in the Node.js platform or inside any Javascript library. RxJS is a famous library that provides Observables support.

Let’s see what is Observables in Angular and how to create  Observables in Angular.

What is Observables

The Observable is just a function, with minimal distinctive characteristics. Observables take in an “observer” (an object with “next”, “error” and “complete” methods on it), and return cancellation logic.

Observables are just lazy collections of multiple values over time. You can think of lazy observables as newsletters. For each subscriber, the new newsletter is created. The newsletters are then only sent to those people, and not to anyone else.

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