Liran Katz


Messaging With Spring Boot and Azure Service Bus

Like many other companies, my employer is currently on a journey towards a cloud-based infrastructure. We have decided to go with Azure as our cloud provider, and my team and I are the lucky ones to be in the front row to deploy our project to the cloud. Our project consists primarily of Spring Boot based microservices written in Kotlin that are hosted on a Kubernetes cluster.

We have recently had to implement features that would benefit from event-based messaging using topics, which brought the opportunity to dig into Azure Service Bus. Luckily, Microsoft has created a Spring Boot Starter package that can communicate with Azure Service Bus using JMS and the AMQP messaging protocol. How difficult can that be? Going from zero to something that connects and sends a couple of messages is quite easy. Still, I have discovered some pitfalls that should be avoided before the application hits the production environment that isn’t covered by the Azure Service Bus JMS Spring Boot Starter client library documentation.

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Messaging With Spring Boot and Azure Service Bus