Image Alt Tag - Multiple identical Images

Image Alt Tag - Multiple identical Images

Not sure if SEO questions are relevant for StackOverflow. Feel free to correct me if not.

Not sure if SEO questions are relevant for StackOverflow. Feel free to correct me if not.

Have a "quiz" website that shows many duplicate images. For example - when users are going through a "goals" section of the quiz the image stays the same until the section changes.

 <p class= id='question1'> I'm very motivated.</p>

<img id='image1' src='' alt= "Woman shooting bow">

<p class= id='question2'> I want to succeed.</p>

<img id='image2' src='' alt= "Woman shooting bow">

The images are hidden and shown depending on the question.

My question is:

What is the best way to handle this from an SEO standpoint? Just make different alt tags for the same image?

Should I create a variable and somehow use it for the images>

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