The Hive Social Clone App – Become The Game Changer Of The Social Media App Market

The Hive Social Clone App – Become The Game Changer Of The Social Media App Market

The social media market is one of the most competitive and yet profitable business segments currently. Know more about developing a business model to enter into this business segment and know about the Hive Social Clone Script.

The emergence of social media platforms has cultivated people to connect with one another from various parts of the world. People get to know different cultures, traditions, current trends etc.; These social media platforms play a major role in evolving people's mindset. People are developing broader mindsets nowadays and welcoming many cultural changes. Social applications play an important role in many ways. The main reason for such growth is the constant craze for social media among people.

There are several social media apps that are functioning in the market at present. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the major social media applications. These apps comprise a major portion of the market, and they decide the working structure of this business segment.

The Hive is one of the social media apps that has come to the limelight recently. This app is being celebrated for its simplicity and efficiency of functionality. This app is claimed to be a combined version of both Twitter and Instagram. This app gained over 130,000 registrations overnight after Twitter trending with over 100,000 tweets. However, the Hive couldn't manage such massive traffic, and its servers crashed with such a huge load. The Hive still managed to gather people's attention, and the usage never declined even after such malfunctions. The Hive is a video-based social media app that allows users to capture a video of their activity and post them for others to see. The Hive is known for its best in class features that it offers,

  • Song/Audio selection - The users can select their own audio track for the video
  • Dubbing and video selfie - The users can record their custom dubbed video and post it on this platform
  • Picture filters/stickers - The users can use filters and stickers for their pictures and upload them.
  • Channel Creation - The users can create an exclusive channel for them in this app and manage settings according to their convenience.
  • Newsfeed - The newsfeed contains posts from the user's followings and followers.
  • View and like posts - The users can like and comment on their favourite posts from news feeds.
  • Chat options - The users can interact with one another using the chat option in this app.
  • Reporting /block - The users can report or block other users or pages in case of misbehaviour or abuses.

There are still a lot more features that have been integrated with the Hive app.

But have you ever thought about entering into this highly competitive business market? Well, the main factor to enter into the social media apps market is the app. The applications are the major factors that determine the operation of the app in the market. The upcoming section will tell you more about creating a business like Hive.

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