Your Top .NET Microservices Questions Answered

Your Top .NET Microservices Questions Answered

Your Top .NET Microservices Questions Answered. Nish Anil answers your most popular question on .NET Microservices. The we were able to answer many questions live. Microservices, generally known as Microservices Architecture, are design guidance and best practices. Cloud-native resources for .NET development?

In our recent  Let’s Learn .NET  event focused on getting started with microservices we received some great questions from you. We were able to answer many questions live, but we wanted to follow up and answer some of the most popular that came up during the session. If you missed the live event, don’t worry because you can watch it on-demand.

There are well-defined patterns and best practices for improving performance and scaling databases. Refer to  Horizontal, vertical, and functional data partitioning to understand how data is divided into partitions to improve scalability, reduce contention, and optimize performance. To go deep-dive into Scaling microservices, Distributed data, why database-per-microservice, choosing between Relational vs NoSQL databases, refer to our guidance on  Architecting Cloud-Native .NET Apps for Azure or download the  free e-Book.

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