15 useful VS Code extensions for front-end development in 2021

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Since some time Visual Studio Code becomes a very popular IDE for Javascript developers. I started using it two years ago, and in my opinion, it’s a fantastic code editor. It allows me to customize it just as I want. VS Code also has a build-in git integration and terminal, so you don’t have to jump from one window to another.

There are tones of plugins and even themes, where everyone can find something that he or she needs. The proper setup of VSC can improve our productivity; also, there are some plugins that will help developers to create better, clean code.

Because there are so many plugins that can be used for Visual Studio Code, it’s easy to get lost and forget about some useful extensions. This is the reason I would like to share with you ma favorite extensions for VSC for front-end development.

Let’s start!

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1. HTML snippets (Visual Studio Code HTML Snippets)

This is an essential extension for every front-end developer. You don’t have to waste more time writing every HTML tag manually; it’s enough to put only tag name like div and press enter. Or you can even add a few tags which you would like to be nested like ul>li>a and press enter. What’s important, this extension has all HTML5 snippets.

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2. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

In the previous point, you could notice that snippets are handy and can help to prevent lots of spelling bugs and can make coding much faster. Each front-end developer works mostly with JavaScript. To speed up my Javascript coding, I use Javascript code snippets. It also supports .ts, .tsx and .jsx files.

Here it works similar, for example, to create export default class ClassName {} code it’s enough to put ecl and press tab. Easy, right? To find out more code shortcuts take a look at the extension documentation.

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3. CSS Peek

As we have something for HTML and something for Javascript, something for CSS would be useful as well for front-end development. CSS Peek is an extension supporting .html and .js files. It helps to quickly find and check styles applied for selected class or id. It’s beneficial for developers who don’t like to switch between different files or split the screen.

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4. Angular/React/Vue

If we are in the code snippets area, it would also be good to mention about extensions for the selected framework. A lot depends on which framework you are using.

– For Angular, there is an extension called Angular Snippets (Version 8) because currently, we have Angular 8, but Angular has a new release for every version of the framework. It provides us code snippets for Typescript and HTML.

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– For React.js, there is an excellent extension ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets. It provides code snippets for React and Redux using ES7, and it works in a similar way to JavaScript snippets with a tab button.

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– For Vue.js development, there is a great extension called Vetur. It has almost 20mln downloads, and it brings a lot of functionalities like code snippets, linking and errors checking, formatting, debugging or highlighting the syntax. It looks very impressive.

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5. ESLint

If you want to create a friendly, readable, clean code, it’s a great idea to install ESLint into your VS Code. This will help you to stick to standard practices like indentation, for example.

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6. Prettier – Code formatter

If we talk about pretty code, it’s worth to install the Prettier extension in your code editor. Prettier is excellent, especially if you are working on the project with other developers. It removes original styling and puts on the consistent code style. Thanks to consistent formatting the code is much more readable.

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7. GitLens

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Visual Studio Code has a git integration. We can make it even better installing GitLens extension. It allows checking who created each line of code when it was created, and it allows us to go to commit details quickly. It’s beneficial in case of working in a team of developers to understand the code history easily.

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8. Auto import

Auto import is a great extension that automatically imports files; you don’t have to do it manually anymore. It’s excellent primarily if you work on a component-based project. It’s enough to put the component name, and the plugin will import it.

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9. Path autocomplete

If we are in the area of imports, there is another great extension that will help you if you need to import something manually or place a link to a different file. Path autocomplete extension provides paths completion. While you start typing your path probably with ./ you will notice a dropdown with folders to select. It’s crazy helpful because you don’t have to dig in your files and search the correct path.

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10. Final newline

Sometimes you have to remember about adding a new line to your document, and final-newline comes with a helping hand here. Every time you will save the file, it will insert a new line at the end of the document.

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11. Bracket pair colorizer

Bracket pair colorizer helps us to find the closing bracket of the current block of code. It sometimes happens that at the end of your file or function, you have more than one or two closing brackets, and it’s not so easy to find the correct one then. If you are using the Bracket Pair Colorizer plugin, every starting and closing bracket has the same color for one block of code. So if your opening tag is blue, your closing tag will be blue as well.

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12. Indenticator

Indeticator is an extension for VS Code which visually highlights current intend depth. It allows distinguishing easily different levels of a different block of codes. Depth is marked with small dots and lines.

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13. Debugger for Chrome

And at the end an excellent plugin for debugging. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could debug in the console like in the Chrome browser? It’s possible with Debugger for Chrome plugin; it supports setting breakpoints, stepping, debugging evil scripts, and more. If you are tired of switching from files in the code editor to debugging console in the browser, it’s a great plugin for you.

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14. Import cost

That’s a great extension that will let you control your js bundle size, and it’s especially helpful when you plan to split your code into small chunks.
Some of the libraries you import can weigh a lot, sometimes, one library can be heavier than the whole framework, and you need to be aware of that.
Import cost extension will show you the library’s exact size, full-size, and the gzipped one.

Import cost

15. Sort imports

Clean code is one of the most important factors that you should care about when building software. And how you manage imports will have a huge impact on your code quality.

Luckily we can use a very helpful extension named Sort Imports, which manages your imports simply and correctly.
That extension will sort all of your imports in order and put all of them on the top of the file.
What’s better, that extension will group all of your imports as well.

Sort Imports


In the above article, I shared with you my favorite extensions for Visual Studio Code. I hope you it’s a great tip on how to set your code editor and improve your performance of your development. Also, if you are a beginner, it may help you to focus on learning programming then on looking for a closing tag, or closing bracket.

Have a nice coding!

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15 useful VS Code extensions for front-end development in 2021
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Front End Development Best Practices To Follow

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As someone from a non-tech background, you might not understand the complexities of front-end development. What we see on our mobile screens or PCs is a mere fragment of intricately woven code. But if you are looking forward to developing an application, you would have to dive in and know the scopes found in front-end development with the advent of new technologies, tools, and frameworks.

In this blog, we will help you understand the best practices of Front-end development and the burgeoning trends that would help you ensure the quality development of your digital products. Learn about the future of web development is here.

GUI Development Best Practices: UX And UI

Before you start the development work, it is essential to discuss the user experience and user interface of your product. The front-end of any software is the only thing that interacts with your users. Moreover, it is important that you make incredible contact with your users. It is not just about the smoothness; also about navigation; you have to make things as simple as possible for your users to interact with your product.

User Experience Vs. User Interface

Most people confuse user experience and user interface to be one and the same thing. But they cannot be more wrong. User experience and user interface work together; they are different components of your product’s front end? Here are a few things which they share and that differentiate them.

  1. User Experience
    Starting with UX, it is a term coined by Don Norman, and when he did that, he did not contextualize it to any kind of software product. It was used for multiple disciplines, including marketing, graphical & industrial design, interface, and engineering.
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    In software development, it focuses on building user-centric processes that optimize the user interaction with the product. The best practices of delivering a great user experience include; researching customer behavior, understanding the context in which the audience takes action, and creating a systematic vision for the target audience to reach its goal.Use your newfound knowledge to develop an actual graphic design. It needs to be analytical and action-provoking. A good UX designer would always understand the way a user interacts with your product.

  2. User Interface
    User experience helps you define the user interface design. It would include the components that make up the entire experience of the product. Additionally, it includes toggle, background, fonts, animation, and other graphical elements.
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    If the user experience is about how the user interacts with your products, the user interface is about giving them the channels to interact with your product. So, the best practices of creating a rewarding user interface are; following brand style guidelines, intuitive design, support for various screen sizes, and effective implementation.

Front-End Development Best Practices: Design To Development

Once you are done with the design part, it is time to dive into development. The process includes turning the graphical assets into a functioning product. There are various approaches that the software community uses, but the most rewarding one is object-driven design and development as it improves the user experience tenfold.

The object-driven approach allows you to design graphical assets that follow the same design and pattern. Also, it allows you to translate the components for faster delivery and a cohesive UX and UI experience across products and platforms.

The design to development process allows you to build interfaces that include layouts, colors, typography, spacing, and more. Front-end development teams are required to work according to the guidelines of the target platform, and they must focus on the UI and UX peculiarities of product development. It is likely that you may face some temporary technical challenges during development and implementation.

It is a trend to automate the front-end development of software with Zeplin or Avocode. The tools ensure access to the updated design, accurate specs and automatically generate the code snippet that allows faster delivery. Learn about the right process of web development here.

  1. Frontend CSS Frameworks
    Depending on the project specification, a software development company would suggest you the right toolsets. The most popular front-end CSS frameworks are Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design; they are known for increasing the speed of development and come with ready-to-use components that make it easy to replace the manual code and comply with responsive web design standards.

Here is a list of popular front-end development technologies

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.JS
  • Knockout and Backbone

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Olivia Jones


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Aarna Davis


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