Swift UserDefault — Save Custom Object in 3 Steps ONLY!

Swift UserDefault — Save Custom Object in 3 Steps ONLY!

Is saving custom object to UserDefaults difficult and tedious? You can now save and retrieve it with only 3 main steps! Let’s see here!

Saving primitive data (e.g. StringIntDoubleDataArray , Bool & URL) to UserDefaults is a simple task but the one for a custom object is not a trivial job. In the past, developer probably needed to save an object in the format of Dictionary and parsed it manually.

Luckily, Apple releases a new protocol Codable. Any class / struct conforming to Codable can be converted to and from Data format by JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder. We can then save and retrieve Data to and fromUserDefaults directly.

We only need 3 main steps to implement both the saving and parsing of custom object. Let’s start coding!

Final goal

UserDefaults syntax for saving and retrieving data is long and dull. It is better to simplify it to only one line of code (See line 2 & line 5 above). The details will be included in the “Simpler and more readable code” session later.

Step-by-Step guidelines

Step 1) Object declaration — Conform to Codable protocol

Codable is a type alias for Encodable and Decodable protocols. Object has to conform to Codable in order to be encoded to and decoded from Data format by JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder.

Bear in mind that any nested object has to also conform to `Codable_` protocol in order to convert the whole object to and from `Data_`_ and save to UserDefaults later stage._

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