4 Rules for Writing Clean Code

4 Rules for Writing Clean Code

Clean Code……

This article is about writing clean code. It discusses the basic principles that a programmer should follow when writing his code so that it is also understandable to others.

This is something that universities often do not teach, and which is required when working in IT, because nothing says a programmer’s professionalism as much as clean, understandable code.

By devoting some of your attention to how we write and in what state we maintain our code, you can easily avoid many future problems resulting from, for example, wrong naming.

*Rule 1: One convention for the entire project *Rule 2: Appropriate nomenclature *Rule 3: One Class / Method = One Responsibility *Rule 4: Don’t make me think

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How to write clean code ? follow these best practices for writing clean code

This article is not about some java related feature or concept but more than that . Basically I’m going to explain what all mistakes a java developer does while writing the code and hence how you can minimize it and you don’t have to refactor your code .So this article is about BEST PRACTICES a developer should always follow .