Is It True - Healthy Cereals Are Not So Healthy in Real?

Is It True - Healthy Cereals Are Not So Healthy in Real?

*How kids are getting hurt with these cereals? What can be done by parents to revoke this damage?* The healthy cereals supplier in your area might be telling that all of its products are genuinely healthy and safe for kids and adults. But, in the...

How kids are getting hurt with these cereals? What can be done by parents to revoke this damage?

The healthy cereals supplier in your area might be telling that all of its products are genuinely healthy and safe for kids and adults. But, in the recent market survey, we found that nutrients present in the most fortified cereals may be unsafe for regular consumption, especially for kids. It is because the cereals intended for kids and toddlers are having excessive sugar and many parents are offering these sugary foods to their kids without knowing the side effects.

Not just sugar, the excess consumption of these three nutrients - zinc, niacin, and vitamin A can be dangerous for health. Many times parents just get the regular healthy cereals and all the three nutrients added to fortified cereals in amounts calculated for adults, not kids. So, now the question arises is there any way to select cereals for kids?

Whenever we think of kids’ breakfast cereal, chocolate-based, sugar-coating or fun shaped cereals are imagined by the mind. All these cereals are made with a heavy dose of sugar and low in fiber. Kids want proper nutrition that must have calcium, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, vitamins and other minerals. It is important to choose a healthier cereal option to eat with milk or yogurt to avail these nutrients and get the kids ready for school.

Tips to pick right healthy cereal for your kids-

- Check the sugar content

The packaged foods are labeled with nutrition information and ingredients. Find the nutrition information on the breakfast cereal.

Look at the per 100gm column and overlook the per serve section. Calculate if the sugar content is less than 10gm per 100gm. If the sugar content is less, check the fiber content. If the sugar content exceeds, check the ingredient list. Manufacturers use different terms for sugar. They do it knowingly and you must look for these words- brown cane, organic raw molasses, white syrup, maple, high fructose corn, fruit juices, apple juice concentrate, fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, coconut sugar, palm sugar, etc.

If there are more than two terms used on the label, leave the product on the shelf.

In case the cereal has dried fruits, you can get a bit lenient on the sugar content.

- Check the fiber content

Find the nutritional information section on the label. Go to per 100gm column and calculate fiber content. If the fiber is more than 10gm per 100gm, the cereal is good to buy.

- Check the salt content

Again see the nutritional information section on the cereal pack and find per 100gm column. If the sodium content is less than 120mg per 100gm, the cereal is good to buy.

Modern parenting is way too different because parents are on the run and have limited time. In case you are one of those parents and cannot go through these steps, Healthy cereals supplier bring two options that are always safe to consider-

  • Wheat biscuits of any brand
  • Rolled oats (no added flavour)

These are easily available in local stores. You can mix the wheat biscuits with rolled oats and some seeds like sunflower seeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds, rice puff, and dried fruit. Mix the ingredients well. This is a super meal for your kids. Per serving of this recipe will give immunity boost, vitamins, omega fatty acids, iron, and all essential minerals. Make sure you must add every ingredient in the right amount to avoid overdoing.

Overdoing is dangerous

Giving this meal every day in high amount will not make your kid healthy. It rather affects his health negatively. Over time, regular intake of excessive vitamin A can bring health issues like liver damage, peeling skin, skeletal abnormalities, and hair loss. High content of zinc can interfere with copper absorption which results in anemia and fatigue. High zin content even breaks the immune function by affecting red and white blood cells.

Your kids don’t require multivitamin supplements. They require greens, healthy no added sugar cereals, grains, and complete nutrition that doesn’t get filled with supplements. Cereals like rice puffs are a great choice as a snack. Growing children needs more calories, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals than adults. You can give them healthy cereals with no preservatives to munch on occasionally.

Healthy cereals supplier

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