Local Development Workflows on Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes

Local Development Workflows on Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes

Achieving Production Parity and Local Development Workflows on Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes. Keeping development environments as congruent to production environments as possible helps in many ways. Here's how Cloud Foundry does it.

Close to the end of a very eventful 2020, a spontaneous conversation on social media caught my attention. Many interesting aspects about Cloud Foundry came forth in the banter that followed, but one particular aspect touched a nerve.

That exchange was referring to using Cloud Foundry locally and testing apps with a cf push experience on a developer machine. This post is meant as a response to these folks. We will acknowledge the vantage point from which these observations are made, show how Cloud Foundry is evolving to resolve the problem, and what the solution looks like.

But first: what does it mean to “use locally” and “install on your laptop”?

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