Sinatra like light weight web app framework for deno

Sinatra like light weight web app framework for deno

Sinatra like light weight web app framework for deno Sinatra like light weight web app framework for Deno. This app is using Deno Standard Modules.




import {
} from "[email protected]/mod.ts";

  get("/hello", () => "hello"),
  get("/hello/:id", ({ params }) =>,
    ({ params }) => `:id is ${}, :name is ${}`,
  get("/error", () => [500, "an error has occured"]),
  get("/callName", ({ params }) => `Hi, ${}!`),
  post("/callName", ({ params }) => `Hi, ${}!`),
  get("/foo", () => redirect("/hello", 302)), // redirect from /foo to /hello
  get("/info", () => [
    JSON.stringify({ app: "dinatra", version: "0.0.1" }),
deno run --allow-net --allow-read index.ts # Or simply: deno run -A index.ts
# App runs on localhost:8080

curl http://localhost:8080/hello
# status: 200
# body: hello

curl http://localhost:8080/hello/1
# status: 200
# body: 1

curl http://localhost:8080/hello/1/and/John
# status: 200
# body: :id is 1, :name is John

curl http://localhost:8080/error
# status: 500
# body: an error has occured

curl http://localhost:8080/callName?name=John
# status: 200
# body: Hi, John!

curl -d 'name=Tom' http://localhost:8080/callName
# status: 200
# body: Hi, Tom!

curl http://localhost:8080/foo
# status: 302
# location: /hello

curl http://localhost:8080/info
# status: 200
# content-type: application/json
# body: {"app":"dinatra","version":"0.0.1"}

Async Handler

  • You can use async function as handler.


const { cwd, open } = Deno;
import { app, get } from '';

const currentDir = cwd();
const htmlPath = `${currentDir}/index.html`;

app(get('/', async () => await open(htmlPath)));


  • You can use dejs (ejs for deno) as dinatra's template engine.
import { renderFile } from '';

  get('/', async () => await renderFile('index.ejs', { message: 'example' }))

Host static files

  • Requires --allow-read, e.g. deno run --allow-read --allow-net app.ts
  • Files in ./public directory will be served static.

Close server

import { app, get } from '';

const s = app(get('/', () => 'hello'));

setTimeout(() => {
  s.close(); // close server after 5s.
}, 5000);


deno run -A index.ts -p 8000 # or --port=8000
# App runs on localhost:8000

Initialization options

Customize static file hosting option

import { defaultPort } from '';
import { App, get } from '';

const app = new App(
  defaultPort, // portNumber (number)
  'dist', // public file directory's path (string)
  false // option to enable static file hosting (boolean)

app.register(get('/hello', () => 'hello'));

Response Types

// HeaderMap is a type of response headers.
type HeaderMap =
  | Headers
  | {
      [key: string]: any;

// ResponseBody is a type of response body.
type ResponseBody = string | ReadCloser | Deno.Reader;

 *  Types of Response

// StatusHeadersBodyResponse is a response with status code, headers, body.
type StatusHeadersBodyResponse = [number, HeaderMap, ResponseBody];

// StatusBodyResponse is a response with status code, body.
type StatusBodyResponse = [number, ResponseBody];

// Response is a type of response.
export type Response =
  | StatusHeadersBodyResponse
  | StatusBodyResponse
  | number // HTTP status code only
  | ResponseBody; // Response body only

// Response interface
interface HTTPResponse {
  status?: number;
  headers?: Headers;
  body?: Uint8Array | Deno.ReadCloser | Deno.Reader;


Request Params

  • URL query params (for GET)
  • route params (like: /users/:user_id/posts)
  • x-www-form-urlencoded
  • redirect
  • application/json
  • application/octet-stream


Update module

  • Please use dem
dem update[email protected]


  • make lint


  • make fmt


  • make test



Download Details:

Author: syumai

Source Code:

deno nodejs node javascript

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