Webcam component for VueJs


Webcam component for VueJs. See this for browser compatibility.


npm install vue-web-cam --save
// or
yarn add vue-web-cam


import Vue from 'vue'
import WebCam from "../../src";

<vue-web-cam ... />

// or
import { WebCam } from "vue-web-cam";

components: {

<web-cam ... />

components: {
    'vue-web-cam': WebCam

<vue-web-cam ... />


Add vue-web-cam/nuxt to modules section of nuxt.config.js

  modules: ['vue-web-cam/nuxt']

Testing & Dev

npm run dev


prop type default notes
height number 500 height of video element
width number 500 width of video element
autoplay boolean true autoplay attribute
screenshotFormat string ‘image/jpeg’ format of screenshot
selectFirstDevice boolean false select first device when avaialble
deviceId string null currently selected camera
playsinline boolean true playsinline of video element
resolution object null object with width and height for camera resolution


name param notes
started stream emitted once the stream has started
stopped stream emitted once the stream has stopped
error error emitted if the stream failed to start with the error returned
notsupported error emitted when the browser does not support this feature
cameras cameras emitted when a list of all cameras available is loaded
camera-change deviceId emitted when camera change occurs
video-live stream emitted when video is started


name param notes
capture void Capture the current image through the webcam as a base64 encoded dataUri
changeCamera deviceId change the currently selected camera. Must pass in the device ID
start void Programmatically Start the camera after stopping it (relies on deviceId prop passed to the component)
stop void Programmatically stop the camera
pause void Programmatically pause the camera
resume void Programmatically resume the camera after it was paused


If you’d like to help make this project better you can help with the following tasks:

  • Tests - This project needs a way to test the functionality using a javascript testing solution (Jest as an example)
  • Examples - Additional Examples of usage might be helpful to others.
  • Project Website - Perhaps launch a project website (on Github Pages) that’ll showcase the plugin, Demo, Usage instructions, configuration etc…

Download Details:

Author: VinceG


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Webcam component for VueJs

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Ilaria  Dugg

Ilaria Dugg


How to Publish a Vuejs Component on NPM

In this post, I will explain you now how to publish your own VueJs component on npm with a minify and ES5 build.

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Luna  Mosciski

Luna Mosciski


Better Component Composition in VueJS

In VueJS there are few ways to compose components and reuse logic. In this article, I would like to demonstrate a way to boost composition in Vuejs (2.* and 3.*).

I really like the recent proposals regarding the Composition API, but I think that can be part of a broader view.

Below, you can find a component implementing a general use case (a simple data fetching from a remote endpoint and displaying the different transitions and data), though most of the logic is always duplicated along with the template, data, and other variables when the same logic is applied to other places or components.

    <div v-if="loading"> Loading... </div>
    <div v-if="error"> An Error occured, please try again</div>
    <div v-if="hasData"> {{ data }} </div>


    export default {
        data() {
            return {
                loading: false,
                error: false,
                data: {}
        methods: {
            fetchData() {
                this.loading = true;
                setTimeout(() => {
           = { text: 'example' };
                    this.loading = false;
                }, 4000);
        computed: {
            hasData() {
                return && !!;
        mounted() {

How do we refactor this component and improve it? Let’s go step-by-step and make this component more readable and reusable.

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Oleta  Orn

Oleta Orn


Vue is an amazing framework for 2020. Why?

Image for post

An amazing conference regarding the Vue framework was held in the US in the first week of March 2020 for two fantastic days. Some spectacular presentations were given during that time regarding the design, feature, and application tools of the framework. One of the most eye gazing things was that combining vue.js development services, professionals, and others as there were more than 900 attendees at the event. The brand new composition API for the Vue3 was the talk of the town.

All this leads to the conclusion that Vue might have an opportunity to be the most amazing for the year 2020. While the first quarter has been significantly better for it, let’s look at some of the characteristics which make the Vue an amazing framework for 2020.

Friendly learning curve & ease of integration

Ask any Vue.js developer and they will tell you that how working with this framework is very relaxing and even if you are a beginner, fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript is good enough to build a simple application.

Do you know more than 75% of Vue.js development services just prefer it because of its ease of integration? This means you can hire Vue.js developers to build the application right from the scratch or can get an existing application accommodated to your requirements.

Although the inbuilt guide and documentation of the Vue framework make it sufficient for you to start coding.

This might interest you to know that Vue.js is for progressive web applications which also support libraries like Vue router, Vuex, Vue Test Utils, Vue-dev tools, Vue CLI for performing various functions.

It may seem a bit exaggerated but the truth is whether its loader, renderer, component caching or asset preload, etc every tool, every component in this framework performs very efficiently.

Top reasons why Vue.js is becoming the most trending JS-based framework

As noted above how Vue.js development services state that creating an application with Vue is very simple. So now we are going to look briefly into some of the top reasons why Vue.js development companies favor it from the stack of all JS-based frameworks.

Adaptable development environment: Very beneficial to the large scale projects, now and again Vue.js has proved that it adjusts with the components of other applications and develops it in remarkably less time compared to other JS-frameworks. Have you wondered why people are using it comprehensively?

Supported Libraries: Vue.js provides support libraries for any possible difficulties a developer might face. As Vue Router is for routing, Vuex for state management, Vue Test Utils for unit testing, Vue-dev tools for debugging, and Vue CLI for plugin management. And the best part here is this all inbuilt are accessible 24/7. Vue.js developer can rectify or alter the coding with the help of these support libraries.

Great Performance: For developing mobile apps, this framework tends to perform well in comparison to other frameworks. The speed of the loading page is significantly better than any other Javascript. Whether it’s a website or any other application, reliability and great performance is always the best advantage of the framework.

Community meets: Live events or meetings are organized regularly so that the Vue.js developer can get the regular updates of the features and benefits of the framework. This community is growing bigger day by day and is managed by Evan You, the developer of Vue.js framework himself.

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