Southwire Powers Digital Transformation with Its SAP Cloud Migration

Southwire Powers Digital Transformation with Its SAP Cloud Migration

Southwire powers digital transformation with its SAP cloud migration. Southwire migrated its SAP environment to Google Cloud for flexibility, scalability, and security, and for the potential to take advantage of technologies like artificial intelligence in the future.

“Talk about tough times, right?”

That’s how Dan Stuart, Senior Vice President of IT Services at Southwire Company, refers to the months following a December 2019 ransomware event, and the COVID crisis that began in spring of 2020. Those events hit just as the company was preparing for an overhaul of their SAP environment. This comprehensive plan included three key elements. First, the company wanted to upgrade their SAP ECC environment to take advantage of the latest functionality available for this critical ERP system. Second, Southwire aimed to deploy SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA to accelerate vital reporting for all business users. Third, the company wanted to upgrade to the latest version of SAP Process Orchestration—an essential component that touches key manufacturing interfaces in all Southwire facilities. 

Southwire had looked at multiple options for the upgrades, including remaining entirely on-premises, colocation, and full cloud migration. “Going to the cloud seemed a lot more compelling,” says Joe Schleupner, Southwire’s Senior Director of PMO & ITS planning and implementation. “We were going to the cloud eventually, so why take these intermediary steps? Let’s just get it done.”

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