The Binding Concept in JavaScript

The Binding Concept in JavaScript

In JavaScript function binding is happens using Bind() method. We use the Bind() method to call a function with the this value, this keyword refers to the same object which is currently selected. when a function or method is invoked, the bind() method allows us to easily set which object will be bound by this keyword.

JavaScript binding is done using the Bind() method. With the help of the bind method, we can make one common function and bind different objects, so that the function gives different results when it's needed. Otherwise, it gives the same result or gives an error while the code is executing.

In short, when a function or method is invoked, the bind() method allows us to easily set which object will be bound by this keyword.

var info= {
name : "XYZ",
printFunc: function(){
document.write(;} // XYZ

In the above example, there is no problem accessing the name, this keyword bind the name variable to the function. This is called default binding.

This keyword will here point to object i.e info object.

var info = {
name : "XYZ",
printFunc: function(){
    document.write(this);// window object or undefined(strict mode).
var printFunc2= info.printFunc;

In the above example, we are storing a reference of info.printFunc to printFunc2 variable. After that, we are calling it without an object reference, so this will now refer to the window (global) object or undefined (in strict mode). Hence, the binding of this is lost, so no output is produced.

So basically, the Bind() method is used so that binding of this is not lost.

By using bind() method we can set the context of _this or in simple terms we can bind this _to a particular object.

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