10 Entry Level React Interview Questions

10 Entry Level React Interview Questions

In this part, I’ll be going over 5 React and 5 JavaScript questions. Let's start with 10 Entry Level React Interview Questions.

In this article, I want to give you 10 questions and relatively short but comprehensive answers for entry-level developers, which I personally consider to be one of the most important ones. Again, these are just my opinions, so take them with a grain of salt.

  1. What is Virtual DOM and how does it work?
  2. Name some of the most important lifecycle hooks and their purposes. (It’s alternatives in new React Hooks)
  3. Why do we use arrow functions in React and what problem do they solve?
  4. What are keys in React and why do we need them?
  5. Why should you use React instead of real JavaScript frameworks, like for example Angular?
  6. What are the different data types in JavaScript?
  7. What’s the difference between var and let?
  8. What’s the difference between “==” and “===”?
  9. What’s the difference between null and undefined?
  10. What is does asynchronous mean?


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