Generating React Components from JSON

Generating React Components from JSON

Generating React Components from JSON. We'll creat a component that can render a UI from JSON/JavaScript object in ReactJS. This article shows how similar the VueJs and ReactJs framework are in their inner workings. It also demonstrates how to re-hydrate a UI component stored in JSON.

In 2017, I wrote an article that demonstrated generating a user interface from JSON or a Javascript object representation. I presented the concept in VueJs (2.x). At the core of the solution is a recursive function that takes a set of nodes and produces HTML components. This idea is useful for implementing tools such as content management systems. I did use the concept to hydrate custom pages for a no-code platform.

I love VueJs there is a bit of elegance in it. ReactJs is another remarkable framework. ReactJs has a very similar architecture (DOM diffing and patching) to VueJs. Both these frameworks have significant contributions in the area of browser-based frontend development.

I wanted to catch up with the ReactJs world. The best way to do it is to take it for a spin. I desired to re-write my original VueJs article in ReactJs. To my pleasant surprise, it ended up being easy.

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