How to Build a Portfolio Website with Vue.js

How to Build a Portfolio Website with Vue.js

Building a portfolio website from scratch is a great method to learn web development. How to Build a Portfolio Website with Vue.js - We will be creating a new Vue project using Vue CLI (command-line tool for Vue.js development)

Buildinga portfolio website from scratch is a great method to learn web development. It helps developers show their creativity and improve their problem-solving capability. These were the two keystones that I wanted to improve upon. I picked Vue.js a few months back and wanted to explore further into this framework.

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What is Vue.js?

The three main front-end frameworks that are currently dominating the market are React, Angular and Vue.js, with React being the most popular and Vue.js being the easiest. These frameworks help in building user interfaces and single-page applications. The reason why I picked Vue.js over other frameworks is because of its easy-to-go-through documentation and its clean syntax.

Research and Searching for Ideas

From the start, I was aware of the possibility of creating UI too artistic that threw user experience out of the window. I had seen websites whose aesthetics made my jaw drop but I never understood where I was supposed to click or what was the flow. So, I read few articles about portfolio websites and typography and created bullet points for myself to follow.

  • Have a proper Call To Action (CTA).
  • Don’t make the user feel lost.
  • Make the user click less.

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