Nella  Brown

Nella Brown


Amazon Interview Experience for Devops/Support Engineer

Applied through Referral for Bangalore location. All rounds happened over amazon chime(virtually) due to covid-19. The entire process took 2months-1month to get a call and then next month interviews+offer rollout. Was interviewed in December 2020.

Round 1(Hiring Manager round): Supposed to be second round but was rescheduled. Brief introduction followed by behavioral questions(on leadership principles.

  1. Tell me a situation where you had to convince your client and how did you persuade him to agree to you.
  2. What do you think of operational excellence?
  3. What would you do if the delivery cannot be done before the deadline due to incomplete features?
  4. Tell me a situation where you had a conflict of interests with your co-worker and how you dealt with it
  5. Tell me of a situation where you achieved a way beyond your bar. How you can improve that task further?

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Amazon Interview Experience for Devops/Support Engineer
Nella  Brown

Nella Brown


Amazon Interview Experience for Devops/Support Engineer

Applied through Referral for Bangalore location. All rounds happened over amazon chime(virtually) due to covid-19. The entire process took 2months-1month to get a call and then next month interviews+offer rollout. Was interviewed in December 2020.

Round 1(Hiring Manager round): Supposed to be second round but was rescheduled. Brief introduction followed by behavioral questions(on leadership principles.

  1. Tell me a situation where you had to convince your client and how did you persuade him to agree to you.
  2. What do you think of operational excellence?
  3. What would you do if the delivery cannot be done before the deadline due to incomplete features?
  4. Tell me a situation where you had a conflict of interests with your co-worker and how you dealt with it
  5. Tell me of a situation where you achieved a way beyond your bar. How you can improve that task further?

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Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done. It is as simple as that. The technical benefits include continuous delivery, easier management, easier to manage, and faster problem solving. In addition to this, there are cultural benefits like more productive teams, better employee engagement, and better development opportunities.

With these wide ranging benefits, it comes as no surprise that the future looks eminent for companies using DevOps practices. The market looks good too. According to Markets and Markets,

DevOps market size was at $2.9 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $10.31 Billion by 2023.
The CAGR expected to be exhibited by the market is 7%.

This growth is due to the added business benefits of faster feature delivery, much more stable operating environments, improved collaboration, better communication, and more time to innovate rather than fix or maintain.

The DevOps ecosystem is riddled with industry leaders such as CA Technologies, Atlassian, Microsoft, XebiaLabs, CollabNet, Rachspace, Perforce, and Clarive among others. With the industry leaders adopting this culture, it is only a matter of time before DevOps becomes the standard practice of integrating development and operations to ensure a smoother workflow.

If you have decided to restructure your workflow using the more efficient DevOps architecture, you will need to hire the best DevOps engineers that the market has to offer. Here, we will discuss the various aspects that need to be evaluated in order to estimate the proficiency of the developer that you intend to hire.


According to “Enterprise DevOps Skills” Report, there are 7 skill spheres that are most important when it comes to DevOps engineers. The list includes automation skills, process skills, soft skills, functional knowledge, specific automation, business skills, and specific certifications. However, we have gone one step further to include 11 specific skill sets needed for a DevOps engineer. This is not an exhaustive list, this is an unavoidable list.


Configuration management DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, and Puppet have based their architecture on the Linux master nodes. For infrastructure automation, having Linux experience is crucial.


These tools come under the spheres of collaboration, issue tracking, cloud/IaaS/PaaS, CI/CD, package managers, source control, continuous testing, release orchestration, monitoring, and analytics.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery is the soul of DevOps. A better understanding of this principle helps the engineer to deliver high quality products at a faster pace.


In the DevOps community, Infrastructure as Code is the latest practice. Through abstraction to a high level programming language, this practice helps in managing infrastructures. It aids the applications of version control, tracking, and repository storing.


The traditional silos between business, development, and operations are eliminated by the integration of DevOps. The key concept is to create a cross-functional environment of better collaboration and a seamless workflow. The engineer must have grasped this idea completely and do away with time wasters like code transfer between teams and also be proficient in automating most of the tasks.


Since collaboration is key for DevOps to function in its entire glory, soft skills are as necessary as technical expertise. Soft skills include communication, listening, self control assertiveness, conflict resolution, empathy, positive attitude, and taking ownership.


The engineer must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the customer and take decisions that address the consumer demands.


Speed, automation, and quality is the core of DevOps. This is where the secure practice of DevSecOps comes takes form. With increased coding speed, vulnerabilities follow. The engineer must be equipped to write codes that are protected from various attacks and vulnerabilities.


The engineer must have immense knowledge about the ever evolving tech and have the capacity to work with the latest tools and stacks. They should also have the prowess to integrate, test, release, and deploy each project.


Active collaboration is needed to streamline the workflow pouring in from the cross functional environment consisting of developers, programmers, and business teams. There should be transparency and a clear cut communication between the engineers.


Every DevOps practitioner must root their philosophy in the Agile method. The 4 values and 12 principles of the Agile framework must be followed at all times.

Making sure that your new hire has these skill sets adds to the value of your DevOps integration. However, if you plan on hiring a dedicated DevOps team for your business, look no further because you have come to the right place.

Orion eSolutions takes immense pride in the quality of our DevOps engineers we nurture and we rightfully boast the standard of our outputs. If you are wondering if we sport all the skills mentioned above, we go much beyond that. Let us clear your doubts.


Through a robust use of resources and time, we ensure the highest output possible through DevOps which is:

208 times more frequent code deployments.
106 times faster lead time from commit to deploy
2604 times faster time to recover from incidents
7 times lower change failure rate

We offer cost effective solutions with guaranteed expertise and reliability. And our workflow is as seamless as the output we provide. We understand your requirements and agree on a workflow, team size, deliverables and deadline. Then we put together the most viable team for your project and start delivering. Collaborate with us today to enjoy the power of collaboration through the most efficient DevOps engineers.

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Amazon Interview Experience - Application Engineer

Round 1 : Scripting and troubleshooting

Scripting :-

  1. Return the count of word present in a file
  2. How will you kill one/multiple process in cmd
  3. Return PID of a process
  4. How will you Change file permissions
  5. Return number of empty lines in a file
  6. Return 1st word of every line in a file

Simple questions like these and basic linux commands to get current running process.

Troubleshooting :-

  • How will you handle sudden increase in request count in the system
  • How will you optimize and reconstruct your DB tables so that we can decrease search time (DB concepts)

_Basic Scripting and linux cmd, “grep”, “sed” are some important cmd to brush up. _

_Issue analysis and finding root cause is important in troubleshooting _

Round 2: Programming

Array questions

  1. Find maximum sum in an array, provided – you cannot add the neighbour elements
  2. Find maximum sum strictly increasing subarray . Check here

Time complexity, space complexity, handling edge cases like considering negative numbers, explain with proper example so that interviewer can get your point of view. Don’t start to write the code at the first shot, ask questions and get a clear view about the question then start coding.

Round 3: Programming and Scripting

Again Array question similar to the previous round with slight modifications in constrains.

Write script to download a zip file from a website. Copy those to remote machine and extract that zip file in remote machine, Check file permissions. Return count number of html and css files in that directory.

SQL queries:-

  1. Display the count of people staying a city.
  2. Display the count of unique cities.
  3. Display the count of people more than 19 age for every city.

Basic questions about previous experiences and projects.

Brush up basic DB queries, array and strings concepts, Scripting and your leadership skills if you have experience.

Round 4: Hiring Manager

Prepare yourself for Behavioral Questions and STAR interview questions. Find the questions here.


Speak confidently and take it slow & steady. Explain your project and everything clearly so that they will find easy to understand your contribution and efforts.

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How to Extend your DevOps Strategy For Success in the Cloud?

DevOps and Cloud computing are joined at the hip, now that fact is well appreciated by the organizations that engaged in SaaS cloud and developed applications in the Cloud. During the COVID crisis period, most of the organizations have started using cloud computing services and implementing a cloud-first strategy to establish their remote operations. Similarly, the extended DevOps strategy will make the development process more agile with automated test cases.

According to the survey in EMEA, IT decision-makers have observed a 129%* improvement in the overall software development process when performing DevOps on the Cloud. This success result was just 81% when practicing only DevOps and 67%* when leveraging Cloud without DevOps. Not only that, but the practice has also made the software predictability better, improve the customer experience as well as speed up software delivery 2.6* times faster.

3 Core Principle to fit DevOps Strategy

If you consider implementing DevOps in concert with the Cloud, then the

below core principle will guide you to utilize the strategy.

  • It is indispensable to follow a continuous process, including all stages from Dev to deploy with the help of auto-provisioning resources of the target platform.
  • The team always keeps an eye on major and minor application changes that can typically appear within a few hours of development to operation. However, the support of unlimited resource provisioning is needed at the stage of deployment.
  • Cloud or hybrid configuration can associate this process, but you must confirm that configuration should support multiple cloud brands like Microsoft, AWS, Google, any public and private cloud models.

Guide to Remold Business with DevOps and Cloud

Companies are now re-inventing themselves to become better at sensing the next big thing their customers need and finding ways with the Cloud based DevOps to get ahead of the competition.

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Mikel  Okuneva

Mikel Okuneva


Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 | Amazon-WOW 2020

Amazon has a special program called AmazonWOW for women. It is to promote women in technology. It is a very good opportunity for women as they have to only compete with other females, not with males. The online application came in April. The program consists of a two-month internship for prefinal year student and fulltime plus Internship for final year student.

It consisted of a total 4 rounds, first was an online coding contest and then 3 telephonic interviews.

**Online test : **

The first round was an online coding round. It consisted of 2 coding questions and 28 MCQ. We had 1.2 hrs. The coding questions were quite simple but MCQs were very difficult. I would like to say that luck matters a lot in cracking online coding round.

1. First question: Find the longest common subsequence between two string. It is standard Dynamic programming question but the constraints were not very high so I solved it using recursion.

**2. Second question: **I did not find the exact question on any platform but it was very simple. You are given a string consisting of lowercase English alphabets, return the internet resource address of the string.

Internet resource address of a string is defined as


can be either http or ftp.

is a string consisting of lower case English alphabtes.

is a non mepty string of lower case English alphabtes.

Ex : httpsunrux ->

For MCQs, you must have a strong grip on OOP and c++ language.:

**Round 1: **

For this round, I was given an amazon chime link and live code editor link in which I had to code. The interviewer started by asking me my introduction and then he gave his introduction. In my introduction, I told him about my passion for competitive coding, writing and reading.

Then Immediately we moved to coding questions. He told me that I have only 45 minutes to answer so I have to come up with the best approach possible.

1. First Question: Find x ^ y mod z. I gave him the O(log(y)) approach. I covered all the edge cases when x will be zero or negative when y will be zero or negative. When y will be negative, he told me to return an error to the user. I coded properly using indentation and suitable variable and function names. I used int to store the variable but when the value is very high I should use long long int. I missed this case. He then moved to the second question.

2. Second Question:  Given a set of dependencies I have to find one of the suitable ordering of the dependencies. I told him I will use topological sort for this. He told me to explain my approach and then I coded it. But while coding I missed an edge case when there will cycle in the dependency. He told me to correct my code. I corrected my code by checking if there is a cycle present in the dependency.

3. Third Question:  For this question, I gave him two-approaches, first one was linearly counting the no of x and second was using a modified binary search. He did not ask me to code this question.

The best part was that I had already solved all these questions before so I did not get nervous there. In the end, I asked him where I can improve, He told me to check code before finally submitting to the interviewer.

After 12 days the result of this round was declared.

**Round 2: **

For this round also, I was provided with the Amazon chime link and live code link. The interviewer asked me two questions.

1.** First Question:**  Add all greater values to every node in a given BST. I gave him O(n ) time complexity solution. Initially, I had written the wrong code but my approach was right. He dry ran my code, pointed out the mistake that I made in code and told me to correct the code. I corrected the code and he was satisfied by my approach. I told him about the time complexity ie O(n). I told him if we consider internal stack then space complexity will o(n) because in the worst case the height of BST can be O(n) if it is skewed BST.

**2. Second Question: ** But in this question, He gave me three conditions.

1. You can traverse the data structure in only one direction.

2. You cannot use extra space ie in-place algorithm.

3. You can use any data structure of your choice.

My first approach was to use an array data structure. I told him that in first traversal I will find the count of negative numbers and then I will start filling my result array. But he said I cannot use extra space.

My second approach was to use a binary search tree and the result will be inorder traversal of the tree. But he told me that I have to return the data structure which I am using.

Then He asked me what are the data structure that I know. I told him I know heap, queue, stack, singly-Linked list and doubly linked list. Then suddenly doubly-linkedList came to my mind and I told him I will use doubly LinkedList. He told me that in doubly-linked you can traverse in both directions. Then I told him that will use a singly linked list. He told me to write code and dry ran my code. He was satisfied with my code.

My second interviewer was a very helpful and knowledgeable person. In the end, he said “it was nice to interview you. ”

After 11 days the second-round result was declared.

**Round 3: **

For this round also, I was provided with the amazon chime link and live code link. The interviewer was a very nice and chill person. He tried to make me comfortable. He introduced himself and then I gave my brief introduction. In this round, I was asked two questions. One was a coding question and the other was OS( operating System ) question.

1. First question:  If we have a well-optimised code, On what factors the maximum no of threads in a process depends?

We had around half an hour discussion on this topic. I told him how threads are used in the client-server application, use of threads in a text editor which simultaneously performs writing, auto-correction and suggestions. He asked me if a site has 1 million clients, then 1 million threads will be created, I told him about the use of multiple servers. I told him the no. thread depends upon the resources of the machine. I told him it will depend upon the memory of the computer. Then He wanted to know, which memory affect it, primary memory or secondary memory. I told primary memory will affect the no of threads as all the processes/ threads reside in the primary memory. I was thinking of other factors also but then he moved to coding question.

After this, we moved to coding question.

**2. Second Question: **  Find the first missing positive number in an array.

My first approach was to use hashing, the time complexity of this approach was O(n ) and the space complexity was O(n). He told me to do it in constant space. I suggested to him that whenever I will encounter an element and if it is smaller than n, then I will make element negative at that index. Then I will traverse the whole array again and if I find any index whose value is non-negative, its means that element is not present and it is the first missing positive no. If no such no. is found then the answer will be n ( size of the array ) + 1. But this approach will not work for an array containing negative and repetitive no. So I improved my code to handle the negative and repetitive no.

He was very much satisfied with my approach. In the end, he asked me to ask a question to him. I asked him how can I improve more. He seemed to be very much impressed by me. He told me that I am very sharp in handling all the edges cases and I am very focussed.


**Some important tips: **

1. Always believe in your self.

2. Communication skills matter a lot in the interview.

3. Luck is an important factor, you can not ignore it.

4. Always be positive in life. No matter how difficult the situation do not give up.

5. Practise and patient is the key.

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