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Lessons Learned From Blockchain Super Expert (Travin Keith)

Travin Keith is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain renaissance man who's been active in the space for over 7 years and recently co-founded the bug-bounty platform Immunifi. He's got a lot of experience from the wide range of positions he's held and provides some valuable insights for those looking to get started in the blockchain world.


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Lessons Learned From Blockchain Super Expert (Travin Keith)
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5 Latest Technology Trends of Machine Learning for 2021

Check out the 5 latest technologies of machine learning trends to boost business growth in 2021 by considering the best version of digital development tools. It is the right time to accelerate user experience by bringing advancement in their lifestyle.

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Some Important Reasons To Learn Blockchain

It is important to understand why Blockchain should be taught, and what exactly are the reasons why Blockchain is so popular? As we know, in a peer-to-peer network model, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that allows safe and precise transactions. Blockchain has proven its utility in numerous fields, such as governance, cybersecurity, industrial processes, banking, and entertainment, along with its application in cryptocurrencies. It is a multimedia platform for record keeping with additional benefits and less restrictions. Today, Blockchain is one of the world’s leading innovations, and the IT industry has already begun to anticipate a market boom with Blockchain’s potential. The reasons for studying Blockchain are rising, and Blockchain’s popularity is growing due to its ability to introduce changes around the globe in various industries. The dependence on the application of Blockchain has also increased, and this has shown the potential for career opportunities for Blockchain experts in various fields. It is worth reflecting on doubts like ‘Blockchain is worth studying’ as a beginner. The following topic will illustrate the most significant reasons for learning Blockchain or joining a course in Blockchain.

Broad range of job opportunities: It’s a smart step for your career to be a professionally trained Blockchain expert. In the coming future, Qualified Blockchain Expert, who apprehends Blockchain technology and can develop programs for different business needs, seems to be in high demand. It is among the most successful and profitable career choices. Certified blockchain experts also have greater work security during the 2020 pandemic. In the Blockchain industry, the skill gap is substantially high, and since its inception, it has offered numerous work patterns.

Blockchain-related industries: The reassuring existence of this technology in different sectors and departments is another key reason for developing an interest in Blockchain technology. Because of its safe and scalable characteristics, healthcare, banking and finance, aviation, supply chain industry, etc., and many different industries use blockchain technology. In almost every way, blockchain platforms make data and transactions more safe, confidential, and encrypted.

Integrations of New Age Technology: Blockchain provides a universal infrastructure that is versatile and scalable to connect with the innovations of all generations. In almost every domain, it has several applications, including voting, banking, commodity trading, supply chain management, etc. In addition to this, Blockchain works well for the IoT, conceptually and with its essential features such as intelligent contracts and distributed ledger framework.

Digital Identity and Cybersecurity: Whether digital banking or transaction services, we all somehow use digital services. With rising digitalization, the possibilities of cybercrime are also increasing, rendering our digital identities insecure. Blockchain provides a strict cryptographic framework where hackers can not access information and pose a threat to the digital identity of users. This also holds the identity of one intact, and no one can generate false identities.

Job-roles diversity: The next major explanation for studying Blockchain is that it provides an array of job roles. Not only does Blockchain protect multiple sectors, it also offers numerous technical positions in an enterprise. Blockchain skills thus strengthen a person’s knowledge in a particular technological area and render individuals capable of providing business value.

Decentralization: Data is not stored at one point in Blockchain technology. Rather, it keeps the data safe with authentic access at various points. Entry to each block is limited and hard to hack. In addition, at different nodes it can be controlled and registered.

Transparency & Upgraded Governance: Due to transparency and credibility functionality, many countries now work with Blockchain Technology. It secures the citizens’ personal details. One of the largest reasons why Blockchain technology falls into this system is also to enhance consistency by eliminating human intervention in verification.

Don’t miss the opportunity if you want to be part of the technology revolution, because now is the best time to acquire Blockchain expertise. It is also possible to learn Blockchain online now that the Blockchain Council also provides many online courses and programs. The reasons are so many and will continue to develop as the future of mankind seems to be kept by Blockchain.

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Blockchain Certification | Blockchain Training Course | Blockchain Council

In all the market sectors, Blockchain technology has contributed to the redesign. The improvements that were once impossible have been pushed forward. Blockchain is one of the leading innovations with the ability to influence the various sectors of the industry. It also has the ability to be one of the career-influencing innovations at the same time. We have seen an increasing inclination towards the certification of the Blockchain in recent years, and there are obvious reasons behind it. Blockchain has everything to offer, from good packages to its universal application and futuristic development. Let’s address the reasons why one should go for Blockchain certification.

5 advantages of certification by Blockchain:

1. Lucrative packages- Everyone who completes their education or upskills themselves wants to end up with a good bundle, not only is one assured of a good learning experience with Blockchain, but the packages are drool-worthy at the same time. A Blockchain developer’s average salary varies between $150,000 and $175,000 per annum. Comparatively, a software developer gets a $137,000 per year salary. For a Blockchain developer, the San Francisco Bay area provides the highest bundle, amounting to $162,288 per annum. There’s no point arguing that learning about Blockchain is a smart decision with such lucrative packages.

2. Growing industry- When you select any qualification course, it becomes important that you choose a growing segment or industry that promises potential in the future. You should anticipate all of these with Blockchain. The size of the blockchain market is expected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. This will see an incredible 67.3 percent CAGR between 2020-2025. To help business processes, several businesses are outsourcing Blockchain technologies. This clearly demonstrates that there will be higher demand in the future for Blockchain developers and certified Blockchain professionals.

3. Universal application- One of the major reasons for the success of Blockchain is that it has a global application. It is not sector-specific. Blockchain usage cases are discovered by almost all market segments. In addition, other innovations such as AI, big data, data science and much more are also supported by Blockchain. It becomes easier to get into a suitable industry once you know about Blockchain.

**4. Work protection-**Surely you would like to invest in an ability that ensures job security. You had the same chance for Blockchain. Since this is the technology of the future, understanding that Blockchain can keep up with futuristic developments will help in a successful and safe job.

**5.**After a certain point of your professional life, you are expected to learn about new abilities that can help enhance your skills. Upskilling is paramount. Upskilling oneself has become the need for the hour, and choosing a path that holds a lot of potential for the future is the best way to do this. For all computer geeks and others who want to gain awareness of emerging technology, Blockchain is a good option.

Concluding thoughts- opting for Blockchain certification is a successful career move with all these advantages. You will be able to find yourself in a safe and secured work profile once you have all the knowledge and information. Link for Blockchain certification programme with the Blockchain Council.

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How Beneficial Is It To Join A Blockchain Course In 2021

Have you ever wondered why Blockchain is such a new technology? Yes, the technology that began with the rise of Bitcoin has evolved into a mainstream technology that serves as the foundation for a variety of industries. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer networking-based distributed ledger platform. It removes the reliance on a third party. As a result, the device is high-performing and interference-free.

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies, and it is being used in a variety of industries to help with faster transaction and information sharing. As a result, Blockchain has become one of the most in-demand innovations. Every industry is looking at different ways to use Blockchain technology to make the system infallible, from finance to food. Blockchain will expand at a CAGR of 67.3 percent between 2016 and 2025 as a result of this application development. This will also open up a whole new world of possibilities for potential Blockchain developers. So, if you’re in this boat, you’ll want to enrol in a Blockchain course.

Why should you choose the Blockchain course?

When it comes to selecting the right course for career advancement, you should look for one that will teach you a futuristic skill while still allowing you to advance your career. Here are the characteristics that distinguish Blockchain as a future-oriented technology.

1. Decent salary- One of the first factors that makes Blockchain a promising career path is that a Blockchain developer’s average salary is higher than that of a software engineer. In the United States, a Blockchain developer’s annual compensation ranges from $150,000 to $175,000 per year. With time and practise, this kit becomes more valuable.

2. Application in various fields- Another explanation why the Blockchain course is a good choice is that it has widespread adoption across various industrial segments. If we’re talking about education, banking, or real estate, Blockchain has applications in all of these areas, demonstrating how widespread this technology is. Furthermore, several major names in the industry are working on Blockchain technology, including IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. In addition, several new projects are entering this room, demonstrating the value and potential of Blockchain technology.

3. Universal infrastructure- Another advantage of taking a Blockchain course is that you can hit various sectors with only one credential. Finance, healthcare, education, real estate, hospitality, and other industrial segments will all use the same Blockchain platform. With the aid of a single Blockchain certification programme, you will achieve great success in a variety of industries.

Conclusion: With all of these benefits, enrolling in a Blockchain training course is a wise decision for a bright future. If you want to be a part of the blockchain certification programme, contact the Blockchain Council right away.

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Certified Blockchain Expert™ | Blockchain Certification | Blockchain Council

A multitude of use cases around the numerous industrial segments are now contained in the blockchain technology that once began as the underlying system for Bitcoin trading. One of the main impacts on the financial sector has been felt. Blockchain technology has been publicly adopted by businesses like JP Morgan. The financial sector is suffering from data protection problems, faster transactions, transparency and other bottlenecks that hamper the growth of businesses that rely on monetary transactions from banks and NBFCs. Blockchain could therefore be a possible solution here. Banks and financial sectors can easily solve the disadvantages that hold back the banks’ smooth functioning with Blockchain’s involvement.

Some of the biggest developments we have seen in the Blockchain sector are the development of Blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, etc This approved Blockchain not only ensures that the system operates efficiently, but also ensures that transactions take place at a faster rate. It actually helps the banking system work much better and in a more effective way.

How the financial sector is impacted by Blockchain:

1. Providing a safe platform-
The need for a secured platform is one of the greatest challenges facing most banking and financial institutions. As most of the transactions and other work have now been digitised, most banks and other allied companies are looking for a stable platform that is free of any mistakes or defects. In addition, there is also a high rise in the need for a network that can efficiently combat data breach problems, and so we have Blockchain. By time-stamping all information or data on it this DLT platform works. This guarantees full security. And with the introduction of approved Blockchain networks, the security feature is even more assured.

2. No third party- Time lag and paperwork are two weaknesses of the financial sector that appear to hold up the processes and ultimately influence the company’s efficiency as well. We can solve these problems with the assistance of Blockchain technology and thus ensure quicker transactions. Blockchain technology operates on peer-to-peer transactions, ensuring that for authentication and approval, there is no need to rely on a third party, which speeds up the transaction process.

3. Tracking and tracing- For banking firms, these features can be highly beneficial. Banks invest a large amount of money on authentication and verification, amid all the efforts of false identity cases, and fraud reports are growing, we can easily put an end to it with Blockchain. As data tracking and tracing becomes simpler and history can be easily traced back, compared to the traditional technologies that banks use, it becomes easier to rely on this platform.

These are the three big benefits that Blockchain can reap from the banking and financial field. Blockchain developers and Blockchain experts are in high demand because of this, and we will see an increase in this number in the times to come.

Conclusion- The Blockchain Council provides Blockchain with the best online certificate programme. This detailed curriculum will allow you to absorb all Blockchain-related knowledge while also learning how to incorporate it. Then what are you going to wait for? Register for today’s Blockchain certification.

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