Introducing Handoff: Serverless Data Pipeline Orchestration Framework

Introducing Handoff: Serverless Data Pipeline Orchestration Framework

handoff is a serverless data pipeline orchestration framework simplifies the process of deploying ETL/ELT tasks to AWS Fargate. Introducing Handoff: Serverless Data Pipeline Orchestration Framework

handoff is a serverless data pipeline orchestration framework simplifies the process of deploying ETL/ELT tasks to AWS Fargate.

This article presents the business context and a technical deep dive of our serverless approach to data pipeline deployment. Our approach is open-sourced as handoff: framework for serverless data pipeline orchestration.

Business Context: Helping businesses bring any data anywhere

More and more companies have started to leverage cloud applications and their data in order to make their operation lean and effective. For example, D2C (direct to consumer) companies produce niche household products and ship directly to their customers instead of relying on a traditional retail distribution channel.

In doing so, a D2C company may use a marketing automation platform like Marketo or Pardot, run ads on Facebook and Google, and manage the supply chain with Flexport: All of these applications produce customer experience data. It is a common practice to extract data from cloud services and load them into a data warehouse (DWH). By combining data sources and analyzing them together, the business continuously improves the quality of the customer experience.

We are a technology-leveraged service company offering custom ETL/ELT solutions. ETL stands for Extracting, Transforming, and Loading of data. ELT workflows are becoming popular. Data are extracted and loaded into the data warehouse before transformation is executed by a massively parallel modern DWH engine.

The demand for implementing data pipelines is growing at an unprecedented pace. Data replication services such as Fivetran and StitchData provide data connectors for popular cloud applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk. However, those companies cannot support the long-tail of cloud applications in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market. If a cloud application is not supported, a business needs a custom data engineering job, but not every company can afford to developing an internal data engineering team.

That is why fully-managed ETL services like ours are becoming the new option: With a fraction of the cost of hiring a data engineer, businesses can install the tailor-made data pipeline service.

While we serve our customers with active monitoring and maintenance, we decided to open-source the core framework as a contribution to data engineering community. In the rest of the article, we will share the technical solution that made our service possible.

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