Morse Code Translator - Convert text to morse code online

Morse Code Translator - Convert text to morse code online

Morse Code Translator : Convert text to morse code or morse code to text in real-time with this translator and play the morse code audio.

Welcome on, one of the best Morse Code Translator (morsecode übersetzer) website. On this website, you can convert English text to morse code or morse code to English text.

What is Morse Code? Morse Code is a combination of dots, dashes and spaces that together make letters and words. It is an alphabet that has ben invented to simplify communication and create letters using only dots, dashes and spaces.

What is Morse Code used for? Morse Code was, and still is, used a lot during war and combat as it is a quick way to get messages across the country. The most famous word used in Morse Code is S.O.S which means Save Our Souls. This is a distress message for anyone who is in danger!

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