10 Website Content Factors You Must Check During an SEO Audit

10 Website Content Factors You Must Check During an SEO Audit

10 Website Content Factors You Must Check During an SEO Audit: Your website content plays a big role in your SEO success. Here are 10 areas you must check when auditing your website's content.

Creating content that is valuable and provides unique insights is a challenge.

Not only that, but you also cannot expect to create a single method for content creation that is adaptable to all industries and audiences.

This is a field where you must adapt and learn how to create new techniques depending on the audience, your industry, and your individual profession.

This herein lies a conundrum that many SEO professionals face: what is the best way to create valuable content for my industry?

How do you identify content that provides value in strange industries where you have little to no experience?

1. Content Provides Value & Unique Insights

Identifying content that provides value and uniqueness can only be done via thorough competitor analysis.

It can also be done by other methods, such as using Python to mine the SERPs, but that is beyond the scope of this post.

I suggest performing this check manually.

How to Check

Type your keyword in Google and perform a check of the top 10 organic competitors that you find.

Assuming Screaming Frog isn’t blocked, we can identify this kind of content through quick Screaming Frog checks.

Pull the competitors from Google, and add them to a list in Excel.

Do a Screaming Frog crawl on each site, and export the CSVs.

To identify the content-heavy pages, scroll to the right in Excel and log all of the word counts for the top 20-50 pages.

In a new Excel sheet, track all of these results in a single tab per site, identifying the content that provides value and unique insights.

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